Q&A: New HR director for Archdiocese of Denver ‘humbled’ to serve

At the beginning of this year, the Archdiocese of Denver welcomed its new Executive Director of Human Resources, Beth Link. Link brings an extensive human resources background to the Human Resources department at the Archdiocese of Denver, which provides structure, guidance and support to all staff and programs from the archdiocese to build better employees and leaders that carry out Christ’s ministry to others.

Link chatted with the Denver Catholic to introduce herself to the faithful of Colorado and provide more insight on what she hopes to accomplish in her new role.

Denver Catholic: Tell us a little about your background.

Beth Link: I am a native of Colorado but grew up in Northern California. The oldest of five children, I went to Catholic school and later Holy Cross College in Portland, Oregon – University of Portland. I relocated here in 2000 and never left – my husband of 14 years and I live in Lafayette and love it here. We’re a blended family of 7 with three plus two kids, ranging in age from 27 to five.  We’ve attended Immaculate Conception Church since 2009.

DC: What does it mean for you to be the new Director of the Human Resources Office at the Archdiocese of Denver?

BL: Really, this role was, and has been, an answered prayer. Prior, I spent three years working for an advertising agency in Gunbarrel and had a day where I hit a wall with the culture and had just listened to Lauren Daigle’s RESCUE, which turned into a prayer. Not 30 minutes later, the recruiter messaged me on LinkedIn to interview and the rest is history. I think the ultimate lesson of my life is – don’t ask God for a change or guidance if you don’t really want it because He ALWAYS delivers… even if you’re bluffing. We never know all of the “whys” behind why we’re led somewhere or the ways in which He’ll use us, but I trust implicitly this was a role of leadership and service He placed in my path. I am humbled to be here.

DC: What are your goals as the new HR director for the archdiocese?

BL: My goal is to contribute daily as a positive force for good, to uplift, educate, support, and make strides towards constantly improving the service model to our parishes and ministries. I am a logical, process-oriented individual who values tangible action to make things better, big or small. I work with a wonderful team and, together, we are here at the service of those who need us. I like to take things from “good to great,” and leave others the better as well. HR is not as much about oversight of the fundamental mechanisms that support our workforce as it is about taking care of people and building a culture of trust and transparency, honest feedback and contribution.

DC: What are some joys and challenges you face as the new HR Director?

BL: Right now, they’re one in the same. The challenges are present in many ways: doing more with less, striving to make processes efficient, being honorable stewards of our resources and giving people tools to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Seeing the fruits of investment in little teaching moments and words of encouragement … that’s the good stuff that has, and will always, keep me going.

DC: What are you most grateful for in this opportunity in your life and career?

BL: I’m a philosopher at heart. I’ve listened to people, heard some of their worst tales, and persevered for and with them for over 20 years in HR. I have a heart for people, I believe in being the “best version of ourselves” as Matthew Kelly states. I hope to leave a small but meaningful mark wherever I go and ultimately surround myself with people who are “better than I am” – that would truly be the testament to servant leadership and a job well done.

COMING UP: Q&A: Archdiocese of Denver’s new Chief Financial Officer ‘honored’ to serve

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After a long search, the Archdiocese of Denver recently welcomed Brenda Cannella as its new Chief Financial Officer at the beginning of the year. Cannella brings extensive experience and knowledge to the archdiocese. She has spent the last decade in various finance roles at FOCUS, most recently as the VP of finance.

We sat down with Cannella, who was kind enough to introduce herself and share more insight on what she hopes to accomplish in her new role.

Denver Catholic: What sort of background do you come from?

Cannella: I grew up Catholic and am originally from a small town near Houston, Texas. I have an accounting degree from the University of Houston. I began my accounting career in the Houston office of the former Big 6 public accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, and am a CPA formerly licensed in Texas. My husband, Troy, and I moved to Colorado just over 20 years ago and have been very blessed by our experience of being Catholic here in the Archdiocese of Denver. We have been married 30 years, have 5 beautiful children and live in Erie. We have been parishioners at St. Louis in Louisville and St. Thomas Aquinas in Boulder during our time in Colorado. Just prior to joining the archdiocese, I had the great fortune of spending ten years being formed as a disciple while serving in Finance at FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students. My last five years at FOCUS were as Vice President of Finance.

DC: What does it mean for you to be the new CFO of the Archdioceses of Denver?

Cannella: I am deeply honored to be the CFO for the archdiocese. There is an amazing leadership team in place here at the archdiocese and I am grateful for the opportunity to be on mission with this team at this time in the Church.

DC: What are your goals as the new CFO?

Cannella: My primary goal is to continue the great work of those who preceded me in this role and to look for opportunities to work collaboratively among all diocesan entities to become even better stewards of the assets of our archdiocese. Finance, administration and planning in the Archdiocese of Denver is on a firm foundation built by our prior CFOs. From this foundation, I plan to continue to orient the resources and administration of the archdiocese toward achieving the mission of the Church which is to share the good news of Jesus Christ and make disciples of all nations.

DC: What are the greatest joys and challenges that you face in your new position?

Cannella: One of the greatest joys of this new role is the opportunity to serve the priests, religious and lay faithful of my own community, the Archdiocese of Denver. The allocation and stewardship of financial resources is always a challenge but one that can be met if we seek God’s will in all things.

DC: What are you most grateful for in this opportunity in your life and career?

Cannella: I’m very grateful for the gift of faith and for the many opportunities that God has given me to grow closer to Him in my life and career. He was very patient with me during times in my life when I thought my life and career were about me! He waited for me to realize that He gave me the gifts and talents He did so that I can use them for His greater glory and for the salvation of souls. My life is committed to the fulfillment of the great commission and to living up to the invitation of our Lord to participate in His plan for salvation to the best of my ability with the help of grace.