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PHOTO ALBUM: Relics make historic Denver visit

St. Rafka Maronite Parish, an Eastern-rite church in communion with Rome, hosted the reception of relics of the Lebanese-born St. Rafka Oct. 25-26. Father Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna, pastor of St. Rafka Church, brought the relics flown in from the Lebanon Beirut International Airport to the church with Father Paul Azzi, a Lebanese Maronite monk, and Sister Raghida of the Lebanese Maronite Order of Nuns.

The relics stopped at churches across the nation including in Minneapolis, Houston and St. Louis before arriving in Denver. Faithful came to venerate the relics at the Lakewood parish during a national tour in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the saint’s death.

St. Rafka, proclaimed by St. Pope John Paul II as the “sixth wound of Christ” for a shoulder wound akin to Christ’s, was beatified Nov. 17, 1985. She is known as the “guide and the example for the sake of the adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament.”

The relics tour made history when the Middle Eastern saint’s relics came to North America for the first time.



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