Sacred Heart of Jesus student wins state science fair

With a deep passion for science, a solid work ethic and a dream, Sacred Heart of Jesus eighth grader Chloe Sebek put everything she had into this year’s state science fair project, “The Effect of Essential […]

Fraternal brothers, and also blood: Meet the brother priests who serve at the same Denver parish

Earlier this week was National Brothers Day, a day meant to commemorate the brothers that we did not choose to have in our life but that God gave us. Even […]

The deacon’s ministry calls everyone to service

By Deacon Joe Donohoe Director of Deacon Personnel for the Archdiocese of Denver  The Archdiocese of Denver has just released a Deacon Resource Manual providing information on the different service ministries of permanent deacons. It is meant to help the Catholic […]

What happens in Germany, revisited

By Francis X. Maier Writing on the quincentennial of the Reformation and its parallels with emerging problems in the 21st-century German Church three years ago, Charles Chaput, then the archbishop of […]


The Healer: Paul McHugh at 90

 One of the adornments of American Catholicism turned 90 on May 21: Dr.  Paul R. McHugh, longtime head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and a healer after the heart of […]

Archbishop Aquila responds to Germany’s synodal path that could impact the universal Church

As the bishops of Germany move forward with a synodal path that could impact the entire Church, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila is releasing an open letter to his fellow bishops, especially those in Germany.  The letter was written over […]

How to respond to God’s infinite love

With the latest edition of the Denver Catholic magazine, I am completing the telling of our story as children of God the Father. You might recall that the past two […]

Native American Catholics focus of new Knights of Columbus documentary airing this Saturday

The historical and contemporary witness of Native American Catholics are the subject of a Knights of Columbus-produced documentary set for broadcast in upcoming weeks. “It is impossible to fully understand […]


Christians in the modern world: A story of conflict, engagement, and retreat

The Church has had a rocky relationship with the modern world, to say the least. It’s all the more difficult that contemporary culture arose largely in opposition to the Christian culture of the […]

Cancel culture: A Christian response

Picture this: you’re driving and the light changes from green to yellow. Judging the distance, you decide to apply the brakes. Now, just as you come to a stop, a […]

Our defense against fear: the Holy Spirit

Jesus seemed to be gone forever, but when the Holy Spirit rushed upon the Apostles like a wind and appeared over their heads like tongues of fire, his presence among them and within them […]

The Holy Spirit is Calling Mothers

By Catherine Glaser “Mom!” That’s not your kids calling. That’s the Holy Spirit calling you to build up His Kingdom! For such a time as this, the Confraternity of Christian […]