Letter: New CO bill requiring abortion providers to report data could achieve a common goal – fewer abortions

The most difficult part of the campaign for Prop 115 was the disinformation disseminated by our opponents. It was frustrating to see abortion rights advocates convince many Coloradans that late […]

Devotion to Julia Greeley grows as beatification cause advances in Rome

An icon of Julia Greeley, the humble African American lay woman who received the greatest honor in the history of the Archdiocese of Denver and has been declared a Servant of God, is becoming increasingly popular as her cause for canonization […]

Samaritan House shelter braces for record-breaking snowstorm

As Colorado prepares to be buried in snow this weekend, Samaritan House homeless shelter in downtown Denver is working hard to ensure that nobody who comes seeking refuge is turned […]

Letter: The ‘Ol’ Gully Ranch Homestead,’ Mother Cabrini, and the miracle at Toll Gate Creek

Thomas and Temperance Gully, along with their four children, left their beloved Tipperary, Ireland, back in 1862, bound for the land of promise, America! The potato famine that had devastated […]


The world episcopate and the German apostasy

As the names Ambrose, Augustine, Athanasius, and John Chrysostom suggest, the middle centuries of the first millennium, the era of the Church Fathers, were the golden age of the Catholic […]

A letter to the faithful from the Colorado bishops on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The Colorado Bishops affirm that Catholics should consider how a vaccine was created and tested before receiving it. In Letter to the Faithful on COVID-19 Vaccines (December 14, 2020), the […]

Meet the archdiocese’s eight new transitional deacons, ordained Feb. 13

On Feb. 13, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila ordained eight men to the transitional diaconate at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Get to know each of the Archdiocese of […]


Christian Agitation and the Equality Act

I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting agitated pretty easily these days, often in ways that are not fitting for a believing Christian. I have been thinking a lot […]

New archdiocesan ministry offers hope and healing for adult children of divorce

One of the biggest concerns that couples have when going through divorce is the impact that it will have on their children, especially the youngest ones. The hard reality is that divorce and separation often causes deep […]


Cardinal Pell and squirming Catholics

According to the movie Love Story, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Typical Hollywood fluff, you might say. Yet the best answer to that asininity was given by a […]

Notre Dame parish brings Liturgy of the Hours into the home with Church at Home program

Last spring, while everybody was stuck at home during the height of the pandemic, Notre Dame Parish in Denver saw an opportunity for spiritual renewal among its parishioners. With Masses […]


Lessons on proper elder care after my mother’s death

We buried my Mom last month.  In the summer of last year, I first drove her to her new memory care facility. My heart was breaking. She was so scared […]