Supreme Court hears arguments on school choice law rooted in anti-Catholicism

By Matt Hadro The Supreme Court considered arguments on Wednesday on whether a state bar on public funding for religious groups is discriminatory, or protects them from state interference. At […]


God never tires of speaking to you

It is truly a wonder that we have the gift of the Bible, through which God speaks to us, convicts us, heals us and nourishes us on our journey. In […]


Before the 2020 Presidentiad begins in earnest….

Americans not obsessed with politics — that is, most Americans — will start  paying serious attention to the 2020 presidential race after the February 3 Iowa caucuses and the February […]


Opinion: There is cause for hope amid dire reports of clergy sexual abuse of minors

By Vincent Carroll This Dec. 13, 2019 opinion column was originally published by the Denver Post. When will it end, many Catholics must wearily wonder. And not only Catholics. Anyone […]

Colorado Catholic Conference wants you to use your voice in this legislative session

Colorado’s legislative session started Jan. 8, and this year our legislators will be debating several issues and bills that all Catholics and people of faith should be concerned about. As […]


Jesus is not optional

Sometimes I decide what I’m going to write about. And sometimes God does. I just came back from the FOCUS conference in Phoenix. It was awesome, incidentally, and I highly […]

Colorado residents celebrate life and urge others to protect unborn children

Thousands of people raised their voices Jan. 11 and marched in the Celebrate Life March and Rally outside the Colorado State Capitol to call for human rights for unborn babies […]


The Two Popes: Baloney, brilliantly acted

I first met Pope Emeritus Benedict in June 1988; over the next three decades, I’ve enjoyed many lengthy conversations and interviews with him, including a bracing discussion covering many topics […]


The Reformation: Why it matters and how you can learn more about it

It is hard to think of an event that shaped the modern world more than the Reformation. Not only did it split the Church in Western Europe, it also split […]

Was Jesus a pacifist? Understanding just-war theory in a nuclear age

As tensions intensify in the Middle East and in relations between the United States and foreign countries, so does the fear of a possible nuclear war – and nobody wants […]

Will 2020 bring pro-life momentum to state legislatures?

By Kevin Jones/Catholic News Agency Pro-life advocates are hopeful that 2020 will see the pro-life movement building on its victories from the past year, despite court challenges and efforts by […]


The Martini Curve revisited

Pope Francis concluded his pre-Christmas address to the Roman Curia by invoking the memory of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, SJ, who died in September 2012. The Holy Father recalled that, […]