O Come Emmanuel: The Four Masses of Christmas

By Hung Pham While most liturgical celebrations have one Mass, certain solemnities may have two different Masses: a Vigil Mass and a Mass for the Day.  However, the celebration of […]

Recipes for Christmas

Looking for a new festive snack to try this year? We’ve got you covered! Here are three of our favorite, easy-to-make recipes as chosen and shared by some of our […]

Discerning the right Christmas Offering

The secular spectacle of the holiday season is often a distraction for Catholics who want to focus on the real reason for the season — our Lord’s birth. This year […]

The Mystery of the Star of Bethlehem

By Solène Tadié/National Catholic Register The Star of Bethlehem, mentioned in St. Matthew’s Gospel, is one of the main symbols associated with Jesus’ birth, embodying the light of hope of […]

Christmas is More Than You Realize

Ah, Christmastime. The perfect occasion to come together with family  – either in-person in a non-pandemic world or over Zoom in its current state – and celebrate the birth of […]

Exploring the ‘Christmas Star’ phenomenon on Dec. 21 – and how to spot it

Amidst the unique Christmas we will be experiencing this 2020, the astronomical event that will unfold on Dec. 21 appears like a gift of hope. In what many are calling the “Star of Bethlehem” […]

Transmitting the faith through Christmas traditions

Every family is called to build a culture in their home, with unique traditions and practices. The season of Christmas is a great opportunity to make this a reality and […]

New children’s book spins Christmas tale about spiders

There is an ancient legend about Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and a spider. After Jesus was born, the Holy Family fled into Egypt, while baby boys were being slaughtered by order […]

COVID Christmas Survival Guide

By the time you read this, who knows what the COVID situation will be like in Colorado. Perhaps cases will have dramatically dropped and your Christmas will feel a little […]


Returning to the basics in this unusual Christmas season

I really wanted to start this column any way except, “Well, it’s been an unusual year.”  Seeing as how virtually every article you read this week will most likely begin the same […]


On cages and evangelization in China

Joshua Wong is a young Chinese human rights activist, recently sentenced to 13 and a half months in prison on the Orwellian charge of “incitement to knowingly take part in […]

Ways to celebrate Christmas Mass this year

While nothing beats being with your parish community for Christmas Mass, we understand that this year, things are going to be a bit different. Even so, that shouldn’t stop us […]