Fighting fire with faith

Something struck Mark Hutchinson while he was fighting the rapidly spreading Lake Christine Fire on July 4. “In the yard of a home we were protecting was a statue of […]

Q&A: Outcasts documentary a call to action, producer says

Powerful. Disturbing. Beautiful. Inspiring. That’s how viewers are describing award-winning Outcasts, the latest film by Joe Campo, owner and producer of Grassroots Films. For mature audiences, Outcasts documents the hard, […]


A caveat on the great Tom Wolfe

When the great Tom Wolfe died on May 14 — he of the white suits, the spats, and the prose style as exuberant as his wardrobe — I, like millions […]


Should the Church talk about money? If we follow Christ’s teaching, yes.

In Luke Chapter 3, three different groups asked John the Baptist what they should do to bear the fruit of repentance. John gives three answers: 1) Everyone should share clothes […]

Denver priests win first Colorado Priests Softball Game

When shortstop Fr. Darrick Leier stepped to the plate in the first inning with the bases loaded, the former college athlete knew he had a chance to do something big. […]

What is it to be a Doctor of the Church?

In every age of confusion and challenge the Church has faced, the Holy Spirit has bestowed on certain men and women a unique gift of wisdom in living out and […]


Punishing the poor and needy

Every afternoon in downtown Denver, homeless men, women and children are given shelter, food and a place to wash themselves. Not far away, hundreds of people are receiving high quality […]

Giving the best of yourself: Why the Catholic Church cheers for sports

Have you ever wondered if God is a sports fan? While many of us here in Colorado may want to believe that an orange sunset is a sign that God […]

Denver parish transmits spirit of stewardship, community for over 45 years

When Father Chris Renner requests volunteers for a new parish outreach project, he often has a different problem than most priests: too many people respond. It’s a problem many pastors […]

St. Thomas More youth rally intertwines faith and fun

Kylie Klimek’s strong faith gave her the courage to do something many adults wouldn’t — share her beliefs with a neighbor whose family is atheist. The seventh-grade student at St. […]


A pastor in full

Almost a quarter-century ago, Father Jay Scott Newman, back in Rome to finish a graduate degree after his priestly ordination in Charleston, took me on an extended ramble around the […]

“A Hit For Vocations” – Priest Softball Game on Friday

For cars driving on Federal Blvd. in Broomfield last Friday afternoon, they may have noticed a group of men having a softball practice at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Pretty much […]