Not your ‘this-could-be-for-anyone’ Christmas gift guide

With Christmas rapidly approaching, many of us run into the problem of finding great and unique gifts for our friends and relatives. For this reason, we have come up with a gift guide that can make your Christmas shopping a little more fun.

For your friend who enjoys “Naptio Divina”

We all know that sleeping during adoration or prayer isn’t all that bad: you rest with Jesus, right? Well, we thought this quality would be worth honoring with this shirt from Elly and Grace that you can gift your “Jesus-took-naps” friend. The cozy baseball shirt is perfect for any man or woman who enjoys resting with Jesus. Visit for more information.

It is great to nap with Jesus; but… it is also good to pray. Therefore, we have included Fr. Larry Richard’s “No Bible, No Breakfast! No Bible, No Bed!” Scripture Calendar, in case your friend is tempted to nap with Jesus every time, instead of talking with him. You can find this calendar on and help your friend remain faithful to praying without napping.

For your friend who evangelizes while they drive

Is your friend’s driving accompanied by countless Rosaries and acts of contrition? We have the perfect gift! The Catholic Company provides numerous car accessories for the fast evangelizers. It reminds them to wait for their guardian angels on the road in their works of mercy. On the Catholic Company inventory, you can also find sacred images and pins, such as the visor clip for any parent who is worried about their children’s driving habits.

For your friend who fights for a cause

Religious art, yards, a great cause: everyone wins with one. Angel Haus is a Denver-based nonprofit that provides employment for the disabled by creating religious art, especially for yards. The founder is the newly-ordained Deacon David Arling, who has been operating it since its initiation five years ago. They have now sold over 300 Christmas Display boards and San Damiano Cross images. The family business has encountered much support from their pastor, Father Michael Carvill at Nativity of Our Lord Church. Nonetheless, they need your support to continue with this project. To purchase an item for your friend and help this great cause, email Arling at

For your friend who is a lost cause

Okay, okay, no person is a lost cause; but we all know someone who is pretty close to being one. As soon as you think they’ve finally gotten it, an off-the-cuff comment smashes all your hopes. Hold fast and do not despair, St. Jude is here to help! This 3 ½” tall St. Jude wooden peg from will make sure that the patron saint of lost causes is constantly at work for your friend. Etsy provides a wide variety of religious hand-painted figures from Whymsical Lotus that range from the Sacred Heart to your favorite saints, such as St. Therese, St. Patrick, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. These charmingly detailed and delightful dolls make a unique gift for those friends who need a special intercessor.

For your little friend

Running out of ideas to gift your child, godchild, or short friend? The search is over. Faithful Findz from makes great replicas of saints’ attires. Take, for instance, the “Saint John Paul II the Great” costume, handmade out of cotton poly fabric (Hawaiian Pope mobile not for sale: sad, I know; but a miter and red cape can be purchased separately). Some of their popular costumes include the habits of Mother Teresa and Padre Pio (gloves included). Even more, the maker requests the person’s waist measurement to ensure the best fit. When in doubt, you won’t lose with the saints, and neither will your little friends.

For your priestly friend

He already has all sorts of things, what could he possibly want? Rosaries, religious art, and other religious accessories are probably some of the most common gifts for priests (or priestly friends). Nonetheless, we can assure you that very few have a custom-made priest bobblehead of themselves. It makes a great gift! All you have to do is send a couple pictures of your favorite priest to Doesn’t sound like the best idea? Look at it this way: it is a way for your priest to remember and embrace his obedience to the teachings of the Catholic Church, as his bobblehead will constantly nod to God’s will and shake his head to refuse all sinful things. Plus, you’ll get a discount if you mention you saw this in the Denver Catholic.

For your friend who never gave up on comics

Why would anyone give up on comic books when you have great initiatives like The Ultimate Catholic Comic Book? A group of Catholic cartoonists joined forces to bring about this entertaining, clever, humorous, and enriching book for all ages. Although many of the parodies and puns may well go over children’s heads, the comics contain messages that remain true to Catholic Doctrine. You can buy it and check out the sample digital copy at

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Say a Hail Mary and hope for the best – the holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means: it’s shopping season.

As the old adage goes, Catholics are well-aware of the “reason for the season,” but even so, buying gifts is a fun part of a holidays, giving those courageous enough to brave the crowds a chance to show their loved ones how much they care about them. While many stockings will no doubt be filled with the latest gadgets and gizmos this year, being Catholic affords the chance to seek out those meaningful, lasting and sometimes quirky gifts that just keep on giving. Here are a few ideas for some practical, some unique, and some off-the-wall Catholic gifts that’ll be sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

For the young lasses and lads

Dear Pope Francis by Pope Francis
Loyola Press, Hardcover, $18.95
Buy it heredear-pope-francis

This adorable book is a compilation of letters from children around the world to Pope Francis accompanied by his responses to them. Main takeaways: yes, the pope is old, and kids are way more theologically astute than we give them credit for.

Operation: Noah’s Ark
Buy it here

Kids will love this Catholic take on the classic Operation game, in which they help rescue animals and are penalized with a lightning bolt sound for touching the sides.

A Missal for Toddlers
Ignatius Press, Hardcover, $10.99
Buy it here

The perfect companion for that squirmy kid of yours to follow along with the Mass and teach them the deeper meanings of each part of the liturgy.

For the St. Peter-types

Rugged Rosaries


These rosaries are made with paracords (the cords used for parachutes) and were originally designed with military troops in mind. Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, they’re the toughest rosaries money can buy. Whether you have a relative in the military or that friend who’s a bit of a daredevil, you can bet they’ll appreciate having one of these.

Barbatus Beard Balm
$10 + shipping

St. Augustine once said, “The beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active, the vigorous, so that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.” The Catholic Balm Co. created the Barbatus Beard Balm with this philosophy in mind. Keep that face rug in check and smell like a freshly baptized baby with the chrism aroma beard balm.

For the lovely ladies

Daughter of the King: Wait, Where’s My Crown? by Kaylin Koslosky & Megan Finegan
Independent, Paperback, $12.95
Buy it here

51pzrwl28zlLocal authors Kaylin Koslosky and Megan Finegan wrote this book with high school and college-aged women in mind. They bring a fresh-out-of-college perspective to hot topics such as love, faith and relationships, while keeping their approach grounded in the Church’s teachings.


Little Flower Lip Balm
$10 three-pack + shipping

The female alternative to Barbatus Beard Balm, this lip balm is made with four simple, high quality ingredients, and comes in three different scents. A portion of the proceeds made from the balms go to various ministries, parishes and individuals that Catholic Balm Co. supports.

For everybody

$29 – $34 per month

Lumibox is a totally cool company started by a local Catholic couple aimed at enriching the lives of others through art, music and more. Each month, they’ll deliver a curated box of Catholic stuff right to your doorstep that can contain daily devotionals, CDs, or a smorgasbord of other items.

Mystic Monk Coffee

monk_shot_box_with_cups_mystic_monk_blend_grandeThese holy roasts are made by a community of Carmelite monks in the middle-of-nowhere, Wyoming, and, based on reviews from, are quite delicious, smooth and of the highest quality. The monks make a variety of coffee and tea, and they even offer K-Cups, approximately titled “Monk-Shots.” For the coffee drinker in your life, this is a must-get.

Birra Nursia


This beer is brewed in the Belgian monastic tradition by Benedictine Monks at a monastery in Norcia, Italy, and trust us: it’s incredible. Yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side since it has to be imported from Italy, but it’s worth every dime, and all of the proceeds go to sustaining the monks’ monastery and way of life in Norcia. They need all the help they can get due to the recent earthquake, and Lord knows we need their prayers.