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New computer lab enhances Louisville school

There is a new state-of-the-art computer lab at St. Louis School in Louisville, thanks to the generosity of donors, the school reported.

“Generous donors gave over $20,000 in paddle raiser donations for new technology,” according to Sister Ernestina Edoziem, when they were inspired by a video promotion shown at the annual Angel Auction Gala last April.

Three Microsoft Multipoint Server 2012 servers, 40 client station peripherals and a server rack with battery back-up were purchased and installed over the summer, and were up and running near the start of the school year.

“Each student station now offers faster processing and increased capabilities for research, testing, word processing and more,” Sister Edoziem said.

The students are enjoying the new technology.

“It is wonderful! It takes only five seconds to load,” said fifth-grader Bitsy Hayes.

“It’s fun and fast! We can do a lot more stuff, and with the short cut feature, it is easy to use,” added fifth-grader Aidan Lyle.

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A large screen flat television to support lessons and presentations was donated as well.

“The church and school community is grateful to all who donated toward this worthy course,” Sister said.


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