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Need NFP advice?

If you’re struggling with Natural Family Planning, know that you’re not alone. Here’s some advice from the Office of Evangelization and Family Life on how to keep practicing NFP faithfully and effectively.

Keep working with a NFP teacher/ teaching couple. Your fertility can change over time and you may need a refresher. If you haven’t talked with a NFP teacher since you went through marriage prep, call our office. We have a list of teachers. We’re happy to connect you to someone in your area.

Find a supportive doctor. We have a list of NFP-only doctors on our website – archden.org/nfp. It’s wonderful to have a doctor that supports your decision to use NFP.

Not all NFP methods approach observations and charting the same way. If you are struggling with your current method, try another one. Don’t give up. Need advice? Call our office at 303-715-3252.

Be patient with yourself. Learning a method of NFP can take some time. Also, if you are struggling to interpret your chart, don’t get discouraged. Know that extra time may be needed to work things through.

Not all NFP teachers are created equal. If you have a challenging chart, you may want to get a second opinion from another teacher. Our office has a list of teachers that have been teaching for many years.

Keep expanding your knowledge of NFP and the Church’s teaching. There are lots of great books out there that effectively explain the Church’s teaching surrounding marriage and sexuality. Keep growing.

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Don’t wait until you are in crisis to seek help. If you are struggling, please reach out. Contact your teacher/ teaching couple. If you don’t know where to start, call our office. We’re happy to provide resources or ideas.

Connect with an online NFP community. Sometimes couples can feel alone in their decision to use NFP. It’s a great way to find like-minded people who can identify with you and provide advice, resources and encouragement.

Attend a marriage enrichment retreat. Because NFP increases communication between the couple, it can also surface some of the deeper issues couples face in their marriage. Be intentional and schedule time as a couple to work on strengthening your relationship – regular date nights or retreats.


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