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Matt Maher: An exclusive interview

After playing for a packed Red Rocks in June, Matt Maher will return for an encore Red Rocks performance and the Amazing Parish Conference.

Maher said that playing at Red Rocks during the June Third Day and Friends show was a dream come true. He described the experience as a “bucket list moment.”

“What’s amazing about Red Rocks is that it’s like you’re being hit twice. You’re getting hit with the beauty and the magnitude of God’s creation in such an amazing setting. And then on top of it, hopefully you’re hearing great music, too,” Maher said. “Augustine said, ‘He who sings prays twice.’ Maybe he who sings while staring at nature sings four times.”

Maher will return to play at the Amazing Parish Conference 7:30 p.m. Aug. 11. He will follow that with another Red Rocks performance with Chris Tomlin and a variety of other Christian singers.

Tomlin is hosting an event called Worship Nights in America. The praise and worship nights will take place in Madison Square Garden, New York, Sacramento, Calif., and Denver.

“The heart behind it is really to gather all Christians together to pray and worship God, but to specifically pray for America at this sort of critical time in the history of America, for the Church to come together and be a witness and pray,” Maher said.

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The event will feature singers from a variety of Christian denominations, including Louie Giglio, Matt Redman, Kari Jobe and Rend Collective. Maher said Tomlin invited him to play so that Catholics would be represented.

“Chris invited me not only as a brother, but as a Catholic, saying, ‘Hey, we need Catholics to come pray and feel valued and recognized for their tremendous contributions around the world, but also for their faith,’” Maher said.

Maher said he hopes the concert will inspire both Christians and non-believers with its ecumenism. He said that the driving force behind his whole ministry comes from John 17, “that they would all be one.”

“Division is something very real in the world that we live in today and it’s not just division in the Church,” Maher said. “But what’s interesting is that when the Church prays together, even a divided Church, Catholics and all these different denominations of Christians and non-denominational Christians, when we come together and when we’re able to pray together and worship God together in public, we’re creating a visible sign of that unity that will exist in Heaven. There’s only one Church in Heaven.”

Tickets are available for the Red Rocks show and Amazing Parish. Go to mattmahermusic.com and the Amazing Parish website for more information.


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