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Mary’s Maternity opens new door to mothers in need

When every other door has been shut on destitute mothers, Mary’s Maternity of Motherhood opens its wide.

This month, the Catholic nonprofit will have more doors to open to pregnant women and mothers seeking a home and help to go from dependent to self-sufficient.

A three-bedroom house in Arvada was donated for its charitable work to meet the spiritual and material needs of pregnant women and new mothers, who are sometimes caught in homelessness or domestic violence.

“It’s so hard to say, ‘We don’t have room,’” said president Lynn Reid, who has worked in pro-life ministries since her conversion 16 years ago. “We began praying for another home and, by gosh, this family came forward.”

With the help of live-in house mother Constance Aguillard, the donated home at 5083 Allison St. was cozily furnished and is ready to have up to four mothers move in. The other home at 7151 W. 52nd Ave. in Arvada houses two mothers and has space for up to two more.

“It will help more moms and more babies,” Reid said. “It saves (them) and gives them hope.”

She said the women walking in are given the love of Christ. They’re accepted as they are and told they’re loved. Each one has access to donated clothes and supplies to care for their children.

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In exchange, the mothers are asked to follow a structured domestic life that includes a curfew, time in a Bible study and shared meals at the dinner table.

“It gives them what they need. They really do embrace the structure,” Reid said.

The mothers also take in-house classes given by local professionals and experts that cover the gamut of spirituality, prenatal care, career development, balancing a budget, dating and natural family planning. The women are also expected to volunteer.

A support team of volunteers meet to establish goals with the mothers, who are also paired with a companion who gives additional support.

“The professional volunteers on the support team really work with the mothers one-on-one,” she said.

Then the mothers are given time.

“We have no time limit,” Reid said. “As long as they’re working toward their ultimate goals, they’re welcome to stay.”

That time got Danielle Calhoun, 26, where she is today with her two daughters.

She worked her way to become a certified nurse assistant and found housing.

At first left homeless as the result of domestic violence by one of her daughter’s father, Calhoun said she was able to start a new life with the help of Mary’s Maternity.

“Lynn would help with anything I needed from diapers to wipes,” she said. “She would always be there for me.”

The guidance she received helped her become self-secure and receive positive support week after week, she said.

“It made a difference.”

Mothers who don’t live in the homes are invited to request needed baby items from Mary’s Maternity. Visitors are also welcome to stop by the first home’s shrine for the unborn.

Mary’s Maternity will hold a dedication of its new home in September.

“We’re so excited,” Reid said.


Mary’s Maternity of Motherhood Home
A priest will dedicate the new home donated for pregnant women and mothers needing help to become self-sufficient.
When: 3 p.m. Sept. 7
Where: 5083 Allison St., Arvada
Who: open to the public, no RSVP required


Contact Mary’s Maternity
Contact the Catholic nonprofit to donate or request baby times, take a tour, visit the shrine for the unborn or volunteer.
Main home: 7151 W. 52nd Ave., Arvada
Phone: 303-421-6092
Email: marysmom98@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MarysMaternityArvada
Tax-deductible donations may be made to P.O. Box 1502, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034



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