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LISTEN | Fort Collins Deacon: Catholic Schools a haven for education, faith, and safety

As Catholic Schools Week kicked off on Sunday, Deacon Robert Lanciotti boldly spoke the truth to parishioners at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Fort Collins. He says it’s not the teachers, but the policies, the laws in Colorado, and the overall formation program of standard public schools that are oftentimes leading our children away from the faith.

Deacon continues, highlighting that children are blessings. “They are the greatest gift the Lord gives us,” he said. This is why a Catholic education is the greatest gift parents can give their children. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are properly educated and formed in the faith. And contrary to the shift in society, our Catholic schools believe parents are the primary educators of their children, meaning it’s up to you parents to seriously consider the education your children are receiving. Catholic schools want to make saints of your young men and young women.

With this knowledge, families need to understand just how vital a Catholic education is in this time of Apostolic Mission. Deacon Lanciotti believes it is no longer safe to send our children to standard public schools without serious consideration and serious planning.

Listen to Deacon Lanciotti’s full Homily below:


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