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Lighthouse now powered by the sun

Solar panels installed on the roof of Lighthouse Women’s Center at 3894 Olive St. in August now provide the power needed to operate the licensed medical facility.

“We’re not going to have utility bills anymore,” explained executive director Lynn Grandon of the 14 panels that convert sunlight into electricity. “The energy company will send us checks!”

The panels and installation, estimated to value $12,000, were donated by a supporter who preferred to remain anonymous.

“It’s only natural Lighthouse would be powered by the sun,” the donor wrote in an email.

“It was an unexpected blessing,” Grandon said. “I think it’s a marvelous thing for Catholic businesses to do because we’re honoring God’s creation and working toward being good stewards of the earth using energy that comes from the sun.”

Lighthouse, a ministry of Catholic Charities, offers pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, medical care and counseling. It is located across the street from Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains, the second largest abortion clinic in the country.


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