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It’s a wonderful life, Coloradans

It was heartbreaking to observe the behavior and paradoxical statements made for hours on end at the Colorado state Senate hearings for the bill that became law in April, enshrining abortion in our state.

One young man spoke of learning that his unborn son was found in utero to have some disabilities. He said he was thankful for the “healthcare” available to end his life and alleviate his “suffering” — but that he desperately misses his son. Sen. Julie Gonzales (D-Denver) a prime sponsor of the bill, thanked him profusely for his testimony and acknowledged “his pain and loss.”

And yet, they still trumpeted the need in our state to deny any rights whatsoever to any unborn human being at any stage of development. It reminded me of those in the 1800s who went into great detail to justify the lack of rights of slaves. All these years later, the lie denying human rights continues. Colorado is now on par with China and North Korea as far as denial of human rights. Even Europe is not where we are. Those that demanded the so-called Reproductive Health Equity Act in Colorado are proud that we are an “abortion destination.”

My heart began to ponder during the testimonies how much long-term perspective these advocates have lost. Case in point: the 1946 American movie classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Millions of Americans set aside time every December to ponder the ideas proposed in that movie. What would have happened in one small town if only one man’s life would not have existed…and the ripple effect on so many others’ lives, as well. Let’s think about that right here, right now – because it is really happening in Colorado and many other places every single day because of abortion. We will not know until eternity who we have lost, their potential, their creations, their discoveries, their offspring, everything that would have existed because of them — blotted out.

Take heart, my friends. The darker our culture becomes, the brighter our every single small light will become. We have the remedy. We have comprehensive, compassionate answers for women and families in crisis. Marisol Health and Marisol Homes, Bella Health + Wellness, St. Raphael Counseling and all the wrap-around services and resources that are available provide trustworthy and reliable answers. In fact, there are vastly more pregnancy care centers in our state than abortion mills. Truth and science are on our side, alongside virtues and authentic love. These things have stood the test of time and have triumphed over previous atrocities in human history.

Now it is our time to show Coloradans and those who travel to our state for the purpose of taking innocent lives that there is a better way. Let us pray for creativity and divine intervention. The Lord of Life created each of us to live at this time, because He needs us now to use the gifts and talents He gave us to meet this crisis head on. Let’s work together to lift up the value of every single human life — and overcome this evil with love. It is the strongest force in the universe. He is with us.

Lynn Grandon is program director of Respect Life Denver, a program of Catholic Charities of Denver. Learn more at https://respectlifedenver.org.

Lynn Grandon
Lynn Grandon
Lynn Grandon is program director of Respect Life Denver.

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