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If you desire to change your life, start with how you give

By Todd Smith

We offer gifts to commemorate various milestones and personal achievements in the lives of others. Birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations immediately come to mind. Beyond recognition of special events, we also offer gifts to someone who has performed a special kindness or has given us something.

As the end of the year draws near, we instinctively reflect upon the many blessings we have received and consider ways of expressing our gratitude. Of all the gifts we have received, what gift can compare to the Catholic faith we share? The spiritual rewards of this gift will extend beyond our earthly lives and into life eternal. Yet, how do we express our gratitude for the gift of faith?

Mike and Tricia Jansen, parishioners of Our Lady of the Valley in Windsor, recently shared their experiences, joys, and confidence when partnering with The Catholic Foundation. More than 20 years ago, their pastor instilled in them the true meaning and purpose of tithing — stretching beyond what they felt was possible — knowing that when someone gives, God gives back tenfold.

“The Catholic Foundation provides an opportunity through which God’s gifts to us can be channeled where needs exist in the Church today,” the Jansens said. “We are comforted, knowing that our donation will be morally and responsibly invested in conformity with the teachings of the Church.”

The fact that The Catholic Foundation and its assets are a separate legal entity comforts the Jansens, who know their gifts will be safeguarded until the time when they decide to direct them to a needy ministry, parish, or apostolate of their choosing. In addition to potential year-end tax advantages, the Foundation also offers donors the option of contributing before the year’s end and deferring where they would like their donation distributed until next year via a donor advised fund.

“The Foundation team is accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, and eager to grow the faith,” the Jansens said. “Because of their commitment and mutual desire to spread God’s kingdom, we’re grateful to partner with such an amazing organization. They can assist with charitable planning, including investments, such as IRA rollovers, real estate, stocks, or bonds.

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“The Catholic Foundation is not meant to be something you just leave in your will, but something you should start early — like a Catholic savings account — knowing you can distribute the assets from your account at any time to advance a specific Catholic ministry, parish or outreach service.”

The act of giving is a tangible and meaningful expression of our gratitude to others and in recognition of others’ achievements. Giving to and through The Catholic Foundation, however, expresses our gratitude for the gift of faith by passing it on to others for years to come, perhaps beyond our lifetimes. That’s what makes the Foundation unique and a blessing to the faithful of the archdiocese. As the Jansens reminded, “We are on this earth only a short time. The Catholic Foundation provides the opportunity to impact our Church, our faith, and our world for many years after our passing.”

Giving to future generations begins with a phone call. To learn more about Catholic-conscious investment opportunities that will give beyond your lifetime, contact The Catholic Foundation at 303.468.9885 or visit them at thecatholicfoundation.com.


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