Honoring our Catholic educators for their years of service

Archdiocese of Denver

“The Church needs men and women who are intent on teaching by word and example – intent on helping to permeate the whole educational milieu with the spirit of Christ. This is a great vocation, and the Lord himself will reward all who serve in it as educators in the cause of the word of God.” – Message of John Paul II to the National Catholic Educational Association of the United States, April 16, 1979  

To Our Faith-Filled Educators,  

To our Faithful Catholic Educators, The Church is deeply grateful for your commitment to our Catholic educational mission, our students and your good and faithful service to our Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Denver. By answering the Lord’s call to teach in a Catholic school, you have said yes to more than just teaching; you have said yes to being part of a movement that exists to provide an integral human formation that will enable our young men and women to come to know love and serve God, and grow in wisdom and virtue, that they might be truly free and fully alive because they have come to know the truth about who they were created to be and for what they were created for as sons and daughters of God. Know how deeply grateful we are for your commitment to this vital ministry of the Church of Northern Colorado. 

This is a listing of the teachers and staff members of our Catholic schools here in the Archdiocese of Denver who are celebrating milestone anniversaries. Congratulations to you all.

Superintendent Elias J. Moo 
Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools 

40 Years of Service 

Sister Regina Drey

Sister Regina Drey
St. Mary’s Academy 

35 Years of Service 

Steve Mayfield
St. Mary’s Academy 

Carol Tufano
St. Pius X Catholic School  

30 Years of Service 

Mary Beth Maes 

Kevin Harder  
Notre Dame  

Debbie DiPetrillo  
St. Louis 

Jane Hoogerwerf  
Bill Kummer  
St. Mary’s Academy  

25 Years of Service 

Jim Stevens

Jim Stevens  
Our Lady of Fatima 

Jenny Rodriguez  
Guardian Angels 

Lorraine Capra  
Ricci Fast  
Mullen High School 

Bryan Timme  
Regis Jesuit High School  

Cheryl Brown  
St. John the Evangelist 

Joanna Keiss  
St. Joseph 

Theresa Lorenzo  
St. Mary’s Academy  

20 Years of Service 

DJ Flakes

DJ Flakes  
Joanne Augustine
Arrupe Jesuit High School 

Michael D. Gabriel  
Sam Roskopf  
Francine Saulino  
William Wilson  
Holy Family High School 

Barbara Flesher  
Lynne Vuletich  
Nativity: Faith & Reason 

Merle McKittrick  
Dina McNulty  
Notre Dame 

Bryan Bruno  
John Ferraro  
Heidi Kabadi  
Bill Kehrman  
Christina Vela  
Regis Jesuit High School  

Mary Wellems  
St. Louis 

Celia Bard  
Andrew Beckham  
Kristen Ferguson 
Michael Pattison  
Peter Sniegowski  
St. Mary’s Academy 

Kathryn Lockwood  
St. Therese 

Debbie Greenwood  
St. Thomas More  

15 Years of Service 

Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly  
St. Rose of Lima 

Sandy Howard 

Jung Noelle  
Blessed Sacrament 

Mariella Robledo  
Escuela de Guadalupe 

Marcella Montoya  
Paula Stewart 
Beth Walker  
Good Shepherd 

Trudy Acosta  
Rebecca Barger  
Delmar Bishop  
Holy Family High School 

Karen Majewski  
Elizabeth Wright  
Mullen High School 

Stephanie Chaney  
Michelle Rodriguez  
Our Lady of Fatima 

Alison Blanc  
Catherine Cole  
Will Cropper   
John Johnson   
Jon Powell   
Peter Reiser   
Sarah Sherwood   
Judy Weaver   
Dan Woodley   
Alicia Ziegler  
Regis Jesuit High School  

Kathy Dubois  
Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Joan Farus  
Shrine of St. Anne 

Amanda Painter 
St. Clare of Assisi 

Marianne Baugh  
Julie Rossi 
St. John the Evangelist 

Karen Gogela  
Lydia Olsen  
St. Joseph 

Lisa Roybal  
Lori Welty  
St. Louis 

Rick Nelson 
Jamie Sniegowski  
Amber Summers  
St. Mary’s Academy 

Paul Buchholz  
Cindi Marchese  
St. Pius X Catholic School 

Laura Carter  
St. Stephen 

Paulette Duran  
Mira Habina  
Anita Ryan  
St. Thomas More 

Ellen Kail  
Wellspring Catholic Academy 

10 Years of Service 

Joey Wells

Joey Wells   
Bl. Miguel Pro 

Pat Nelson  
Bishop Machebeuf High School 

Catherine Winters  
Frassati Catholic Academy

Michelle Cisneros  
Tara McDonald  
Good Shepherd 

Jennifer Bowie  
Guardian Angels 

Vicki Burke  
Dennis Eichner  
Mitchell Martinez  
Holy Family High School 

Heidi Capek  
Leah Leddin  
Jihad-Joey Mahmood 
Amanda Sherpe  
Mullen High School 

Michele Meyer  
Our Lady of Fatima 

Morgan McGinn  
Tamara Whitehouse  
Our Lady of Lourdes 

Dana Bauer   
Ginger Brown   
Candace Busselmaier  
Tina Janelle   
Katherine Mihalco  
Paul Miller   
Tom Rochford, SJ   
Tim Sauer   
Celeste Siade   
Cameron Turner  
Regis Jesuit High School  

Tina Harwood  
Jessica Schwarte  
Shrine of St. Anne 

Samantha Mizwicki
St. Clare of Assisi  

Anne Marie Romansky  
St. James  

Mary Robertson   
St. John the Baptist 

Dierdre Workman  
St. Joseph 

Andrea White  
St. Louis 

Pamela Applegate  
Anne Evans  
Ana Fonseca  
Kathy Rosborough  
St. Mary’s Academy 

DeAnn Aquino  
St. Pius X  

Debbie Cook  
St. Stephen  

Kira Weiland  
Brooke Wolf  
St. Thomas More Catholic 

Deshaunne Kurulak  
St. Vincent de Paul  

5 Years of Service 

Mark Ladd 
Nancy Padron  
Sylvette Rivera  
John Volpe  
Arrupe Jesuit High School 

James (AJ) Angel  
Bishop Machebeuf High School 

Rebecca Behrendt 
Nancy Clark  
Melissa English 
Emily Hooper  
Alision Lashley  
Bridget Leavens  
Karen Zimmerman 
Blessed Sacrament 

JoAnn Gartland  
Rebecca Kopperud  
Christ the King 

Shelley Archuleta  
Michelle Galuszka  
Sandra Garcia  
Ioanna Georgescu  
Ines Polanco  
Escuela de Guadalupe 

David Burns  
Victor Magdeleno  
Mary Pishney  
Joseph Todisco  
Good Shepherd 

Lisa Doroff  
Father Joseph McLagan  
David Springer  
Holy Family High School 

Elizabeth Ferderer  
Heather Giles  
Chelsea Perri 
Anne Schwieterman  
Most Precious Blood 

Thomas Brotherson  
Heather Davis  
Doeung Dong  
Britt Gusmus  
Pamela Paulus  
Ila Rosengarten  
Wivina Vigil  
Mullen High School 

Kristen Cunningham  
Notre Dame Catholic School 

Laura Riviello  
Taylor Sandusky  
Our Lady of Fatima 
Elizabeth Bigelow  
Our Lady of Lourdes 

Laura Hall  
Sebastian Kurtz  
Jian Lin  
Maria Lynch  
Anthony Mattacchione  
Kelli Mattacchione  
Eric Ramirez, SJ  
Kristin Repaci  
Sandy Robertson  
Trina Sandler  
Imtiaz Stephen  
Regis Jesuit High School  

Elizabeth Crisofulli  
Vicky Gonzales  
Rima Khoukaz  
Elizabeth Sweeney  
Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Roxie Carreon  
Gina Demarest  
Sister Mary Elisha Glady  
St. Clare of Assisi  

Danielle Byrne  
St. John the Baptist 

Brianna Mundhenke  
Pam Weber  
St. John the Evangelist 

Nick Blanco  
Jennifer Lodato  
Carrie Sheffield  
St. Joseph 

Kathryn Demchak  
Teresa Gomez  
Mary Haas  
Susan Marcoux  
Aimee Nytes  
St. Mary, Littleton 

Christine Boss  
Casey Harnar  
Michelle Irwin  
Jason Jung  
Kelli Logan  
Bridget Romano  
Amy Von Canon 
St. Mary’s Academy 

Jackie Morales  
St. Pius X  

Adam Archuleta  
Cristel Sotelo  
Veronica Viezca  
St. Rose of Lima 

Christine McSwain  
St. Stephen 

Charles Childs  
St. Therese 

Liz Gray  
Jill Guerrero  
St. Thomas More 

Sr. Dominic Quinn, O.P.  
St. Vincent de Paul 

Monique Garcia  
Katherine Shute 
Sts. Peter and Paul 

Lida Bazan  
Karina Campa  
Wellspring Catholic Academy 

COMING UP: From rare books to online resources, archdiocesan library has long history of service to students

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National Library Week, observed this year from April 4 to April 10, is the perfect occasion to highlight the essential role of libraries and library staff in strengthening our communities – and our very own Cardinal Stafford Library at the Archdiocese of Denver is no exception.  

Since 1932, the library has served as a religious, intellectual, and cultural resource for seminarians and students at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver.

As the library of the seminary, we are always responsible for the four dimensions of the priestly formation of our seminarians. The library is charged with being responsible to all the divisions of the Seminary: the Lay Division (Catholic Biblical School and Catholic Catechetical School), the Permanent Deacon Formation Division, and the Priestly Formation Division, said Stephen Sweeney, Library Director. 

In addition to being one of the main resources to the seminary, the Cardinal Stafford Library serves the needs of other educational programs in the Archdiocese of Denver, including the St. Francis School for Deacons, the Biblical School, the Catechetical School and the Augustine Institute. While the library is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was previously open to anyone, giving people access to more than 150,000 books, audios, and videos. 

The Cardinal Stafford Library was named after Cardinal J. Francis Stafford, Apostolic Penitentiary at the Vatican and former Archbishop of Denver from 1986 to 1996. He was a dedicated advocate of the library and of Catholic education.

In 1932, the library was established by two seminarians, Maurice Helmann and Barry Wogan. While they were not the first seminarians to conceive the idea of establishing a library, they are considered the founders for undertaking its organization.  

Since its founding, the library has grown and compiled a fine collection of resources on Catholic theology, Church history, biblical studies, liturgy, canon law, religious art, philosophy, and literature. Special collections include over 500 rare books dating back to the early 16th century and many periodicals dating back to the 1800s. The oldest publication in the library is a book on excommunication published in 1510. The Cardinal Stafford Library is also home to various relics and holds bills personally written by some of those saints.  

Over the past few years, the library has undergone a process of beautification through various renovations that include improvements in lighting, flooring, and even furniture restoration. During these difficult times, libraries are doing their best to adapt to our changing world by expanding their digital resources to reach those who don’t have access to them from home. 

The Cardinal Stafford Library provides a community space; we subscribe to about 200 print journals and have access to literally thousands more through online resources available on campus computers, Sweeney added. “I have been the Library Director for almost 11 years. I absolutely love my work, especially participating in the intellectual formation of the faithful from all of the dioceses we serve”.  

For more information on the Cardinal Stafford Library, visit: sjvdenver.edu/library 

Featured photo by Andrew Wright