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Help Catholic schools get federal relief funding

Catholic schools in Colorado have a chance to receive some much-needed federal relief funding, but they need your help.

Congress recently passed a massive stimulus bill that includes $2.75 billion in aid for struggling private schools in the wake of the pandemic – including Catholic schoolsThis new funding is called the “Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools” (EANS) Program.

However, in order for Colorado’s Catholic schools to obtain these funds, Governor Jared Polis must apply for this money before Feb. 8 

“Congress’ new COVID-19 relief bill finally provides special funding for our Catholic schools and families in dire need of assistance,” said Brittany Vessely, Executive Director of the Colorado Catholic Conference. “The catch is that we need Governor Polis to opt-in to the program! It is crucial that Gov. Polis request this funding immediately so our schools, students, teachers, and families are given the help they have needed all year. The pandemic impacted everyone equally – we are in this together.”

To make your voice heard, click here to send a message directly to Gov. Polis.


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