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Gallup: Americans’ Preference for Larger Families Highest Since 1971

We’re happy to share that the pollsters at Gallup are on to some encouraging news.  Their recently released survey results indicate an increased preference for larger families – the largest such increase in over a half-century.  As ardent supporters of a Culture of Life, the Denver Catholic wanted to provide in-depth analysis, however (if you’ll permit some self-referential reporting in support of the poll results) our managing editor is on paternity leave with newborn twins (nos. five and six!) and our webmaster is also eying the  exits thanks to the imminent arrival of a plus-one to his family.

We’ll simply leave you with the findings of the survey, directly on Gallup’s website, here.

And if you can spare a prayer for all the new moms and dads out there I’m sure they’d appreciate it!


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