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Five ways to get creative this Mother’s Day

It’s the moment your mom has been waiting for.

She gets dressed up, puts on some makeup and heads to the car. You drive her to your family’s go-to restaurant and everyone heads toward the entrance. The night is full of promise.

But just when Mom starts to think what a wonderful Mother’s Day treat this will be, she realizes how naive she was.

Mom knows the second she sees the packed crowd through the windows that this night is quickly heading south. When she asks if you made a reservation, you know you’re in trouble.

With no reservation and a two-hour wait, you take Mom back home to open her gift. She unwraps it, opens the box and finds a brand-new vacuum. “Wow!” she says, faking a big grin. “It’s just what I wanted!”

Although the thought was there, sometimes Mom needs a day of pampering, creative activities and a gift that says more than “Clean up our mess!”

Here are a few different ideas to show mom you care this Mother’s Day.

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Breakfast in bed

The key to this is serving your mom breakfast after she’s slept in. Although the kids might think it’s fun to wake mom up at six in the morning because they’re excited to celebrate her, Mom would most likely prefer to have some beauty sleep. Get up early, prepare some of her favorite breakfast foods and wait until Mom wakes up on her own. Then shower her with love, cuddles and a delicious meal.

Scavenger hunt

Whether it’s in your neighborhood or the city, take your mom on a scavenger hunt with clever clues that lead her to small gifts, shops or restaurants along the way. Include inside jokes in the hints to take her on a sentimental adventure she won’t forget. Gifts along the way could include home-made cards, letters, flowers, candy and gift cards. Stops could include her favorite ice cream shop, park or coffee stop.

Mass and a movie

Never underestimate the simple joy Mom experiences when the whole family goes to Mass together (without whining or complaining). Get excited about going to church to pray together, and offer up the Mass for Mom, asking God to bless her in a special way. Continue the celebration by going out to a movie or having a movie night at your home. The key here is letting Mom pick the movie and acting like you like it — even if you don’t.

Stay-at-home spa day

What mom wouldn’t want to get pampered on Mother’s Day? You can create your own at-home spa, incorporating manicure/pedicure, massage, and makeover stations. Make sure the environment is peaceful and free of bickering. Put on Mom’s favorite music or let her enjoy some silence, then get to pampering!

Get crafty

For adult kids, consider taking Mom out to a paint and wine shop where you can create a piece of art together while enjoying some delicious beverages (there are several in the Denver area). For younger kids, set up a craft area inside or outside of your home where you can work together to create something the whole family enjoys. Whether it’s a melted crayon canvas, popsicle bookmarks or painting rocks, Mom will have tangible memories to cherish for years to come.


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