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Five tips for making the most out of your Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2020 traditions may have to change because of coronavirus restrictions. Here’s a list of five things you can do this year to honor our fallen men and women of the military.

Tip 1
Pray the rosary for the families of the men and women who gave their lives for our country.

Tip 2
Read about one of the many patron saints of the military, like St. Michael the Archangel or St. Joan of Arc.

Tip 3
Learn about the options you have as a Catholic through the Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Service of Colorado or call 303-502-9179.

Tip 4
Watch the livestream of the annual 10 a.m. Memorial Day mass from your home. The Gallagher Chapel of Mt. Olivet Cemetery will celebrate and remember the fallen men and women who served this nation. Note this event will not allow attendees at the cemetery.

Tip 5
Make a donation to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal as a way to honor our veterans and support our faith community through our 40 ministries.


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