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Five reasons not to miss Annunciation Heights’ Fiat Fest and Adventure Race

What do camp missionaries, a 5K race and a roasted pig have in common? You’ll be able experience all three and much more at one of the summer’s most exciting events happening next weekend!

For the second year in a row, Annunciation Heights is hosting their Fiat Fest and Adventure Race on July 31. More than just an excuse to go up to beautiful Estes Park for the day, Fiat Fest is a blast for the whole family and directly benefits the Altum Institute Missionaries who serve Annunciation Heights year-round. Registration starts at $75 person if you’re just coming to enjoy the day, and $100 if you want to participate in both the race and the day. The best part: kids 10 and under are free! Click here to register!

Still not sold? Here are five reasons why you definitely should NOT miss Fiat Fest.

1. The Camp

If you’re never had a chance to visit Annunciation Heights, then what are you waiting for? Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the base of Long’s Peak, the camp is a hidden gem in Colorado but is steadily growing in popularity. Annunciation Heights specializes in family camps, making it a prime spot to come and make unforgettable memories as a family while growing in faith together. The Fiat Fest weekend will mark the perfect introduction to all that Annunciation Heights has to offer, and a most opportune time to plan your next visit!

2. The 5K Adventure Race

This is no ordinary 5k. No, this is the Adventure Race. The most daring racers between the ages of 2 and 107 will gather and undergo challenges to test every aspect of their adventuring prowess. From archery to a giant slip n’ slide the stakes will be high and the bragging rights, priceless. If you’re not the competitive type but still want to test your mettle, there is non-competitive wave of the race just for you! The buzz after last year’s race didn’t die down for months, and we’re willing to bet this year’s race is going to be even more epic.

3. The Missionaries

All of the proceeds from Fiat Fest will support the Altum Institute Missionaries. The Altum Institute is Annunciation Heights’ missionary program named after the famous biblical passage from Luke, when Jesus tells Peter to “put out into the deep”. In Latin, it translates as Duc in Altum. Over the course of a year, the missionaries follow a rigorous rule of life in order to bring Christ more radically into their lives. This in turn allows them to serve Annunciation Heights in incredible ways. The missionaries are the heart and soul of Annunciation Heights. They run the youth camps, they put on the programs for families, they teach kids and help write lesson plans for the JPII Outdoor Lab, and when they aren’t doing that they are praying or getting their hands dirty doing much of the work the camp needs to stay beautiful and upright all year long. 

4. Faith and Fellowship

Fiat Fest is a festival, which of course is just another way of saying party. Come for the race, and stay for food, fellowship, faith and fun. There will be live music from a local bluegrass band, local craft beer, yard games, a bonfire, s’mores and so much more! This is the epitome of Christian fellowship, so if you’re looking for other like-minded families and friends to connect with and grow in community with, Fiat Fest is a great place to do it!

5. A literal roasted pig

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Last but most certainly not least, Annunciation Heights just brought on a new chef from the heart of Louisiana, and the main course for the evening is going to be an entire roasted pig. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it will definitely be as delicious as it sounds. If you don’t eat meat, fret not; there will be a lot more than just a pig to eat! Either way, your soul won’t be the only thing that leaves fulfilled and satisfied!

Are you convinced now? Good! Click here to register! We’ll see you at the Heights!


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