Vocation & Discernment: A Talk for Parents

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Attention Parents!

Would you like to learn more about discernment? Do you and your spouse practice discernment in your everyday lives? In addition to praying for your children’s vocations, do you take the time to pray for your own? Just because a couple may be married and raising children, that doesn’t mean mom and dad shouldn’t still pray for their vocation as spouse and parent! Each of us is called to continue to live our vocation every day!

Aside from our ‘big V’ vocation (marriage, priesthood, religious life, consecrated life), God calls us to ‘little v’ vocations as well, and those need prayers too!

The Vocations Office invites you to join Fr. Ryan O’Neill for an evening where we’ll explore the fundamentals of discernment, learn more about vocations, and have time for questions. This evening is FREE to all parents. If you have young children, or if they’re post-grads who are starting families of their own…and everyone in between! All parents are welcome, but please keep in mind that this event is for parents only (we will NOT have any childcare services available). Tell your friends, others at your parish, your neighbors, coworkers…the more the merrier!


There will be water and light snacks available. Join us in Room 123 of the main AOD administration building (also called the Chancery). We hope to see you there!


No official registration is required, but please email adrienne.merritt@archden.org to RSVP so we can get a headcount to have enough snacks available.



Vocations Office