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Efficient meets attractive in Golden remodel

Thanks to recent renovations, St. Joseph Parish in Golden is no longer heating the neighborhood with the boiler in their 1959 education building. They are happily warming the community with their spiritual presence, as they have done since 1859.

“Before, we were literally heating the outside,” explained Father Joseph Monahan, pastor since 1997. “Since the building was built in the 50s, it wasn’t energy efficient … hopefully we’re going to save a lot of money by cutting down on our utility bills.”

Construction to improve the building’s functionality as well as its appearance began on the flat roof structure last September. The eight classrooms are used for religious education for children and adults, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Bible studies, and meetings for groups such as Knights of Columbus and FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), among others. The roof is now pitched, and an attic added to house modern HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment.

“Every room is now controlled individually,” Father Monahan said. “And the roof matches the rest of the buildings … it doesn’t look like the same building.”

The campus also includes the church, which was completed in 1986, and a community center dedicated in 2009.

“For this project a vanilla pudding building has been converted into a chocolate sundae building,” offered Walt Wostenberg from the Construction Office of the Denver Archdiocese. “They’ve dressed it up so it’s much more attractive.”

Architectural services were provided by Adam Hermanson of Integrated Design Group in Henderson, a parishioner of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Northglenn; and the general contractor was Shawn Gillis Construction owned by Gillis, a St. Joseph parishioner. The budget of $585,000 was pledged by the parish of 1,300 families in three years through the FAITH ALIVE! campaign. They hope to continue improving the education building through future phases, including insulating the outer walls and replacing the doors and windows.

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“As a parish community we are able to enjoy our present facilities because past and present parishioners have been committed in fellowship to the needs of St. Joseph Parish,” Father Monahan wrote in a message to parishioners.

“We have grown, nourished by our commitment to the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ,” he continued. “(And) responded to the different needs of our community: spiritual, educational, social and material—and in doing so, we’ve become the bearers of Christ and builders of his Church.”


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