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Editor discusses Register: past, present and future

In recognition of Catholic Press Month, Roxanne King, editor of the Denver Catholic Register, was recently featured on the Archdiocese of Denver podcast, a weekly program hosted by Director of Communications Karna Swanson and Director of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries Greg Willits.

King shared details about the Register’s latest enhancement for readers, a new website launched last fall.

“It’s been wonderful, it’s allowed us really to work more like a daily newspaper,” she said. “It’s allowing us to offer our readers more.”

Listen to the podcast here:

That “more” includes the ability to post breaking news when it happens, more in-depth interviews, and additional multimedia content such as photo albums and videos.

“It’s been great to see how a group of print journalists have been converted into online journalists,” said Swanson, who is also general manager of the Register, “nearly overnight.”

The vision and planning that went into the design of the site has been commended.

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“The new website… is one of the best-looking Catholic websites out there right now,” Willits said. “It really is a gorgeous-looking website.”

King also discussed the rich history of the Register beginning in 1900 with founder Msgr. Matthew Smith and the paper’s wider role in the early system of diocesan newspapers; as well as what the future holds for the Register.

The Denver Catholic Register is the third largest newspaper in Colorado, behind The Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette; and the largest subscription weekly. For more information click here.


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