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Donors give $2 million as a ‘gift to the Lord’

Anonymous donors gave $2 million to The Catholic Foundation as a “gift to the Lord” to benefit the Church, the foundation announced.

The foundation, a charity that manages donations, endowments and grants to Catholic organizations in the Denver Archdiocese, announced the donation June 11.

It’s the largest unrestricted donation received in its history.

The donors, who asked that their names be kept confidential, said that they felt a donation to the foundation would provide the best financial benefit to the Church.

“We realize how well the foundation staff understands the needs of our Church. We knew our gift to the Lord had to go to the foundation,” they said in a statement.

They came to the decision through prayer and after exploring the foundation’s mission, the statement said.

Archbishop Samuel Aquila responded to the donation saying he is deeply grateful for the donors’ gift and the blessings God has given them.

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“The sacrifices and generosity of our donors make it possible for the Church to share in the mission of Jesus Christ and to bring the Father’s love, mercy and compassion to a world longing for it,” the archbishop stated.

The foundation placed the donation in its Bridge Fund, a board-directed fund that provides grants to Catholic ministries with the greatest need and foundation development efforts.

President and CEO Deacon Steve Stemper said the donation will provide benefits for many years.

“We are a community foundation for Catholics—meaning that our ability to make grants is a direct reflection of the generosity of donors throughout the archdiocese, providing a lifeline to many deserving ministries. The foundation is the bridge that connects our gifts to the ministries we all care about,” he said.

The foundation manages its portfolio according to morally-responsible guidelines that follow Church doctrine. It has given to Catholic organizations primarily in the Denver Archdiocese since 1998. The foundation stated its more than 20,000 donors and nonprofits have benefitted more than 200 recipient organizations.

The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado
The Foundation was established in 1998 to help provide long-term financial support of Catholic ministries and parishes in the Denver Archdiocese. Learn more about their mission to promote the Church, be faithful stewards and cooperate with organizations to develop further resources and support.

Address: 3801 E. Florida Ave. Suite 725, Denver
Phone: 303-468-9885
Website: www.thecatholicfoundation.com



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