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Deacons renew ordination vows for 37th annual Deacon Day

On Aug. 10, the feast of St. Lawrence, the Deacon, the deacons of the Archdiocese of Denver celebrated the 37th Annual Deacon Day where they participated in the Holy Mass and renewed their ordination vows with Bishop Jorge H. Rodriguez.

During his homily, Bishop Rodriguez emphasized that in the line of St. Lawrence the Deacon and Martyr, the deacons of the archdiocese carry on this ministry to those in the margins, the poor, the addicted and those who suffer loss and abandonment.

This good work is made manifest both in the vocation of the deacon as a servant and also in the many, many ministries that they are involved in around the archdiocese. To see all the ministries of the archdiocese that are conducted by deacons, be sure to check out the Diaconal Ministries Resource Manual here.

At the celebratory dinner after Mass, Deacons with 45 years of Diaconal Service to the people of God and Christ’s Church were recognized (those present and in absentia) with a jacket and gift. Those acknowledged from the Class of 1978 were:

Deacon Harold Del Real
Deacon Russell Halpine
Deacon Joseph Hawley
Deacon Myles Decker
Deacon John Smith
Deacon Earl Webster

Deacon Ernest Martinez, Director of Deacons for the Archdiocese of Denver, related in his address to the 248 Deacons, wives and their pastors present that in the examples of Sts. Lawrence and Euplius, the presence of deacons is needed everyday in our broken society.

“Deacons provide the tangible embrace to the people of God in many ways; from human trafficking, veterans outreach and children of divorce ministries to traditional prison ministries and every type of ministry in between,” Deacon Martinez said.

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Next year marks the 50th Jubilee of the Diaconate in the archdiocese, and Deacon Martinez shared that there will be many stories told in celebration of this blessed milestone.


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