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Deacons have their day

Deacons from across the Archdiocese of Denver gathered for a special Mass with Archbishop Samuel Aquila and were honored for their service to the Church.

The annual Deacon Day Mass was held Aug. 7 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Fort Collins. The evening began with Mass followed by dinner.

Archbishop Aquila delivered a short talk, and deacons who reached milestone anniversaries were honored with certificates. Below is a list of the deacons who are celebrating significant anniversaries this year.

Milestone Anniversaries

40 years
Deacon George Fitterer
Deacon E. Gene Mooneyham
Deacon Maclovio Sanchez
Deacon Sam Trujillo

35 years
Deacon Martin Hetzel
Deacon Chuck Lamar

25 years
Deacon Craig Fucci

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20 years
Deacon James Moat

15 years
Deacon Russ Barrows
Deacon Peter Hung Phi Dang
Deacon John Dipentino
Deacon Joseph Donohoe
Deacon Robert Finan
Deacon John Franklin
Deacon William Hastings
Deacon Tim Kenny
Deacon Tim Kilbarger
Deacon George Morin
Deacon Steve Stemper
Deacon Steve Vallero
Deacon Patrick Whaley

10 years
Deacon Louis Arambula
Deacon James Doyle
Deacon Jerome Durnford
Deacon Robert Gregorius
Deacon David Luksch
Deacon Rick Montagne
Deacon Lawrence Tong Ngo
Deacon Anthony Pierson
Deacon David Plevak
Deacon Alan Rastrelli
Deacon Donald Weiss



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