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Congrats and Godspeed, Class of 2022!

A little late, but we want to honor our class of ’22 Catholic high school graduates nonetheless! The world might look a little more like normal, but these graduates overcame many adversities over the past four years. Congratulations to each one of you, and may the Lord bless you richly as you go forth into the world and live out his plan for your lives!

Holy Family

Graduation date: Thursday, May 19
Number of graduates: 167
Number of graduates attending college: 163
Valedictorian: Joseph Silva
Salutatorian: Rafael Gonzalez

“We live in an apostolic age, a world where the Christian message is not just refused but broadly ignored. A secular and relativistic point of view is what is currently seen as normal. But as we have seen during your time here at Holy Family what is understood as normal for today is not a given for the future, it is not simply the way things are.

“The message that has sounded out across the world for the last 2100 years is not extinguished by one eras failure to heed its call, its Truth is not altered because a majority refuses to respond to it. The apostles entered into terrain that was unfamiliar and unreceptive to their message, but with courage and humility they persevered. As you move into the next stage of your life you too will persevere if you continue to nourish the virtues that have been instilled over the last four years.” – Matt Haupty, Principal

Bishop Machebeuf

Graduation date: May 20, 2022
Number of graduates: 66
Number of graduates attending college: 62 students accepted to college, 59 attending college, 1 attending trade school
Valedictorian: Nayla Hernandez
Salutatorian: Isabel Menke

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“…the cross is Christian life, overcome only by turning to and accepting the love of Christ. In your post Machebeuf life, the sky will grow darker and the sea rise higher, but if you trust in Him all will be well.” – Harold Siegel, Assistant Principal

St. Mary’s Academy

Graduation date: May 21, 2022
Number of graduates: 65
Number of graduates attending college: 65
Marian Award, given by faculty to the senior most outstanding in leadership, loyalty, and academic achievement: Rishika Kartik
Jessie Forshee Award, given to a senior for outstanding academic achievement and a general interest in all school activities: Madeline Margaret Jones and Judith Michelle Lee
Sanders Citation, presented to the senior who exemplifies courage, initiative, and the generous gift of self: Cody Campos and Anna Richmond Russell

“Time and time again, this class has proven that no challenge, including a pandemic, is enough to dim their lights.” – Iswari Natarajan, Assistant Head of School, Program Development, and Principal

Regis Jesuit

Girls’ Division
Number of Graduates: 179
Graduation Ceremony: Sunday, May 15, 2022
Valedictorian: Greta Leege
Salutatorians: Emma Dickinson, Elsa Pater

Boys’ Division
Number of Graduates: 222
Graduation Ceremony: Sunday, May 15, 2022
Valedictorian: Liam Wood
Salutatorian: William Thrush

Number of graduates attending college: 386

“It is our ability to love and be with others that defines us. This school has taught us how to find ourselves in others, how to be a friend and how to be a leader. This school has taught us that we need each other—and that we can impact the future of others.” – Greta Leege, Class of 2022 graduate

“As we come to the conclusion of our time at Regis Jesuit, we must open our hearts, minds and souls to the direction God is guiding us to best serve His will on earth. It is by remaining in this growth mindset that we will seek new challenges to utilize our talents.” – Deeks Woodward, Class of 2022 graduate

Arrupe Jesuit

Graduation date: May 20, 2022
Number of graduates: 96
Number of graduates attending college: 96
Valedictorian: Camila Rojas-Ramirez

“The only thing that grew more than Shaun from freshman year to now is the love that we have for each other and the Arrupe community. We made many memories together, but I don’t think we realized that there was only a limited number of times we’d get to experience all of the little things that made our days at Arrupe Jesuit feel special. Though our high school journey ends here, our love for our teachers and each other doesn’t end.” – Camila Rojas-Ramirez, Class of 2022 Valedictorian

Editor’s note: Graduation stats from Mullen High School and Our Lady of Victory Chesterton Academy were not received by publication time.


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