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Colorado Catholic Conference on Dobbs ruling: ‘A major victory for life’

Today, we celebrate a major victory for life at the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned the tragically unjust precedent created by Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992). The Supreme Court has returned abortion regulation back to the states in a 5-4 decision with another concurring, effectively making it a 6-3 to overrule Roe and Casey. 

All Americans who value the sanctity of human life should celebrate the end of nearly half a century of extreme judicial overreach on abortion, which cost the lives of millions of preborn children. Today, we celebrate our country embarking on a path toward embracing life at every stage and condition! 

The Colorado bishops offered the following reactions on today’s ruling:  

“So many of us have spent countless hours praying for this moment, holding vigil outside of abortion centers, silently accepting ridicule and speaking up for the voiceless unborn children. Today, we can rejoice that an unjust and cruel permission for abortion has been withdrawn,” said Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver.  

“We have worked and prayed hard for this dawning of hope for our pre-born children and our society. We know that God is hearing our prayers for our most vulnerable and invisible sisters and brothers. We must continue our work that the precious gift of life for all God’s children be ever more protected and nurtured in all its stages. In gratitude for the gift of our children, and that communities turn to ever more support our youth and our families, we pray to the Lord,” said Bishop Stephen J. Berg of Pueblo.  

“During this important time we pray for God’s blessings and guidance so that the Church may continue in her mission of protecting the most vulnerable of human persons,” said Bishop James R. Golka of Colorado Springs.  

“To defend the life of the unborn amid a culture of death will require heroism: courage and suffering. To defend the life of the unborn is a reality that cannot accept delay or hesitation and demands boldness and action. Today we must bless God and thank those great people who have been leading our country back to the culture of life, where the life of our unborn brothers and sisters is valued, cherished and protected,” said Bishop Jorge Rodríguez of Denver.  

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However, while we celebrate, we must still acknowledge the work that needs to be done in Colorado. Now that Roe and Casey are overturned, the question of pre-viability abortion will return to the states, and Colorado’s new Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA), which was signed into law by Governor Polis on May 4, 2022, will ensure Colorado continues to be extreme on abortion policy.  

The Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) (formerly H22-1279) ensures that Colorado will remain an abortion up-to-birth state, and it goes beyond Roe in stating that preborn children at all stages of development have “no individual and derivative rights” in Colorado. Pro-abortion activists are also planning to push a ballot initiative in 2024 to allow for Colorado taxpayer funds to be used for abortion.  

In response to RHEA, 21 pro-life non-profits, including the Colorado Catholic Conference and diocesan Respect Life offices, joined together as the Pro-Life Colorado coalition to continue to fight RHEA, prepare for the 2024 ballot battle, and promote legislation that values the sanctity of life.  

Dobbs overturn of Roe and Casey is an example of proper Judicial Review, consistent with the text of the Constitution and judicial powers enumerated therein. Dobbs is not only correctly decided, it is also a pivotal case for millions of preborn children every year and for all Americans who value the dignity of human life.  

Because over 1 million babies are being killed in the womb every year in the U.S., one fifth of the millennial/Gen Z generation is missing. Yet, a recent survey by The Institute for Pro-Life Advancement found that over 70 percent of registered voters age 18-34 favor some limits on abortion, which is why this generation is going to be aptly called: “the Post-Roe Generation.”  

Mothers also have more resources than ever before. Students for Life America recently launched standingwithyou.org, which provides a reference tool for mothers and families to find pre-and-postnatal centers near them as alternatives to abortion. Today, 2,752 pro-life pregnancy centers exist across the country compared to 600 Planned Parenthood locations.  

All three Colorado dioceses operate several pregnancy centers and ministries that care for women and families prenatal and postnatal. For example, the Archdiocese’s Catholic Charities provides a continuum of care for more than 2,000 clients annually, the Diocese of Pueblo hosts 19 Caring Pregnancy Centers that serve over 1,500 families annually and the Diocese of Colorado Springs supports Life Network’s pregnancy centers and is building a new Maternity Home, Mater Filius, that will house and support pregnant and homeless moms. 

Despite the current law in Colorado, the end of Roe means the culture of life is expanding across the nation. The Catholic bishops of Colorado and the three dioceses are committed to doing their part to help pregnant mothers who are considering abortion through the ongoing expansion of medical services, housing, counseling, and resources, both during their pregnancy and after. 

Colorado Catholic Conference
Colorado Catholic Conference
The Colorado Catholic Conference is the united voice of the Catholic bishops of Colorado in public policy. Basing its mission on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in Catholic social teaching and the consistent life ethic, the Conference acts cooperatively to insure a dignified and productive life for all Coloradans and provides opportunities for Catholics in Colorado to carry out their responsibility to participate in political life.

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