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Colorado Catholic Conference 2022 Voter Guide

As faithful Catholics, it is our duty shape the moral character of our community, state, and country through voting. Our faith maintains a hierarchy of values when voting on candidates and issues.

The listed values are supported by the Colorado bishops. Each value is important; however, some are more foundational and therefore require more priority. It is the duty of each person’s conscience to adhere to objective truth, which is reflected in the below values to guide your vote.

Hierarchy of Values to Guide Voting as a Catholic:

1. Sanctity of Life: Human life must be protected at all stages from conception until natural death.

2. Marriage and Family: Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who together as husband and wife may become father and mother to any children they produce.

3. Religious Liberty: Religious liberty is rooted in the dignity of the human person, including freedom of conscience and expression, and is central to the U.S. Constitution.

4. Economic Justice, Poverty, & Welfare: Economic decisions should respect human dignity and express a preferential option for helping the poor and vulnerable through safety nets and opportunities for upward mobility.

5. Healthcare: Healthcare should be patient-centered, respect human dignity, protect life, promote the principle of subsidiarity, be affordable, and assure conscience rights.

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6. Immigration & Promoting Foreign Peace: Immigration policy should provide immigrants with basic human needs, including the ability to work, and should encourage pathways to citizenship. Promoting peace is essential in international relations.

7. Education: Parents are the primary educators of their children; therefore, education policy should empower parents with education decision-making authority to choose best learning options for their children.

8. Restorative Justice: Criminal justice reform should focus on preventing crime and caring for survivors of crime, while also offering those who commit a crime an opportunity to rehabilitate and effectively return to society.

9. Energy & Environment: Care for the environment and responsible use of energy resources come from our duty to steward creation and provide for future generations.

10. Technology: Technology must respect human dignity and protect children.

The Colorado Catholic Conference has also prepared a legislative candidate survey for the Catholic Church in Colorado. Responses from candidates can be found by visiting cocatholic.org/resources/voter-guide.

To sign up to receive the latest political and legislative updates, join the Catholic Advocacy Network at cocatholic.org.

Further considerations on voting from Colorado’s bishops

“As Catholics, we have a moral duty to vote with an informed conscience, and to pray for wisdom and guidance as we head to the voting booth.”
– Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archdiocese of Denver

“The government has the moral function to secure justice and peace in society. Citizens, especially prayerful Catholics, are required to participate in the political process with well-formed consciences.”
– Bishop Jorge H. Rodríguez, Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Denver

“Responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation rooted in our baptismal commitment to follow Jesus Christ and to “love our neighbor as ourselves.”
– Bishop James R. Golka, Diocese of Colorado Springs

“Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we Catholics are called to prayerfully participate in political life, fulfilling our duty to form the moral character of our society for the common good of all.”
– Bishop Stephen J. Berg, Diocese of Pueblo

Colorado Catholic Conference
Colorado Catholic Conference
The Colorado Catholic Conference is the united voice of the Catholic bishops of Colorado in public policy. Basing its mission on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in Catholic social teaching and the consistent life ethic, the Conference acts cooperatively to insure a dignified and productive life for all Coloradans and provides opportunities for Catholics in Colorado to carry out their responsibility to participate in political life.

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