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His Church, our experience: The new and improved Denver Catholic

As you probably have noticed by now, we’ve updated the Denver Catholic print edition with our new logo. We’ve also given it a minor facelift from a design standpoint, and there are a couple of new features we think you’ll love.

New Masthead

The biggest and most obvious change is we’ve done away with the old Denver Catholic masthead and updated it to match the new logo we use on our website. We are very proud of the new Denver Catholic logo, and the map pin makes it much easier to brand our content and help us to stand out in an overly-saturated media landscape. We hope you love our new logo as much as we do.



Our new logo is sleek and simple, and symbolizes our efforts to communicate relevance with a new generation of Denver Catholics. We’ve taken the popular “map pin” all of us see on our digital devices nearly every day and baptized it with an unobtrusive white cross. The intention is to help younger generations meld one of the most popular postmodern digital icons with this timely Christian symbol.

Look for the pin

dc-pin-for-twitterSpeaking of the map pin, you probably noticed it on several pages of this issue. In an effort to match our new look and feel, our design wizard got rid of the blue boxes that we used to point out certain information and instead integrated our new map pin. Keep an eye out for the pin when you’re reading through a story, as it’s intended to bring attention to important information pertinent to the article at hand.

Get Involved

The ever-popular Bulletin Board has also been given a little bit of a design revamp, and we decided to change its name to Get Involved to more accurately reflect what we try to accomplish with this section. As Catholics, it is absolutely essential to be involved in both our own parish communities as well as the overarching Denver Catholic community, and naming the section Get Involved will hopefully spur more people to do just that. In addition to the various events we include, we left room to notify you, our dear readers, of different volunteer opportunities and other activities that enable Denver Catholics to be more involved.

In Brief

Last but not least, we’ve renamed Shout Outs to In Brief. Don’t expect anything too different here; we will still use this section to highlight the awesome things happening in the local Catholic community, but it leaves us the option of doing slightly longer stories if we feel a particular “shout out” is so exceptionally awesome that it deserves more than 100 words.

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To see the new features in action, be sure to check out the print edition!


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