LISTEN: Archbishop Aquila talks Prop 115 on The Dan Caplis Show

Yesterday, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila appeared on The Dan Caplis Show on 630 KHOW to discuss why people need to vote “YES” on Proposition 115 and help ban late-term abortion […]

As Coloradans consider late-term abortion ban, statistics shed light on Boulder clinic

By Jonah McKeown/Catholic News Agency Coloradans are preparing for a ballot referendum that would ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy in the state. While abortion advocates argue that such […]

‘Our state should do better’: One mom’s journey of choosing life and supporting Prop 115

Lauren Castillo grew up as a pro-life supporter, which was no surprise.   She was Catholic and her father was even the deacon of her church. But then in Castillo’s senior […]

Pro-life Democrats make the case for a 22-week abortion ban in Colorado

By Kevin Jones/Catholic News Agency As Colorado voters consider a ballot measure to ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy, pro-life Democrats have been vocal in support, stressing its mainstream […]


Prop 115: Like David fighting Goliath

Well, it’s that time again. A national election is weeks away. So I guess it’s time for my quadrennial election column. Which, as it turns out, is pretty much always about the […]


WATCH: Prop 115 a reminder that people are worth being walked with

Eucharistic Adoration with Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila took place in the courtyard at Marisol Health on Sunday, September 27. Marisol Health serves women who are struggling in their pregnancies with […]

Denver bishops issue letter to Hispanic community urging support of Prop 115

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila and Bishop Jorge H. Rodriguez have issued a letter to the Hispanic community urging support of Prop 115. September 27, 2020 World Day of Immigrants and […]


‘It gives me great hope’: Archbishop Aquila prays with others at Boulder Abortion Clinic

The 2020 40 Days for Life fall campaign launched Sept. 23, and to mark the occasion, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila joined a fervent group of others to pray a rosary […]

#YesOn115: Voting as a Catholic Means Voting for a ‘Culture of Life’

November 3 is drawing near for arguably one of the most vitriolic presidential races in the United States’ history, but the presidency is not the only ballot measure of utmost […]

Over 130 healthcare professionals and scientists sign endorsement letter for Proposition 115

As the chance for Colorado voters to end late-term abortion in the state approaches in November, those both in support and opposition of the measure are beginning to make their […]

Q&A: Colorado voters urged to vote ‘Yes on Prop 115’ to end late-term abortion

“I urge all Catholics to get involved in this effort!” Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of the Archdiocese of Denver has written. Proposition 115 (formerly known as Initiative 120) would ban […]

Catholic Medical Association on why Coloradans should vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 115

A recent document compiled by the Denver chapter of the Catholic Medical Association examines fact-based and empirical evidence for why late term abortion is almost never necessary, and why Coloradans […]