Preparing for the hour of death

The Catholic Church “encourages us to prepare ourselves for the hour of our death,” (Catechism 1014), and provides ministry to the dying. Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Father Joseph Hearty, […]


Your life in God’s hands

Recently, Pope Francis met with a contingent of people who suffer from Huntington’s Disease, a rare genetic illness that causes movement, cognitive and psychiatric disorders. “For Jesus,” he told them, […]

Catholic health networks opt-out of physician-assisted suicide law

Local Catholic hospitals are exercising their right to opt-out of participating in the Colorado End-of-Life Options Act—known during the election cycle as Proposition 106—which legalizes physician-assisted suicide in Colorado. The […]

Amidst passage of physician-assisted suicide law, hope remains

After a long and hard fought battle on the part of the Colorado Catholic Conference and the No on Prop 106 campaign, Colorado voters overwhelmingly voted for the passage of […]

Fast facts about Proposition 106: Physician-assisted suicide

Proposition 106 on the November ballot seeks to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Colorado. Here’s what you need to know about this dangerous initiative, which the Colorado bishops have called “illogical” […]

Church leaders: Proposition 106 offers flawed logic, false compassion

Colorado’s bishops say Proposition 106 is simply “illogical.” The state’s suicide rate is the seventh highest in the nation, which led lawmakers to found a prevention commission in 2014 and […]


Video: Family embraces true ‘death with dignity’ through palliative care

Jane Smith and Brittany Maynard were diagnosed with the same type of terminal brain cancer. Maynard chose to end her life by committing physician-assisted suicide on Nov. 1, 2014. Smith received palliative […]

Lawmakers kill assisted-suicide proposal

Eleven hours of heart-wrenching and passionate testimony on a state bill proposing physician-assisted suicide ended Feb. 6 when legislators rejected its passage. Doctors, clergy, attorneys and people with terminal illnesses […]

‘Don’t kill the sufferer to end the suffering’

Some call it a dangerous affront to life and others “death with dignity,” but the debate over state legislation proposing physician-assisted suicide is drawing the voices of Coloradans from all […]

A heated debate: Is killing an acceptable end to human suffering?

(CNA) -Two worlds collided when scholars with opposite viewpoints met in Boulder, Colorado to debate the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. “We have a right to look at the proper response […]

Physician-assisted suicide fast-tracked

A bill seeking to legalize physician-assisted suicide introduced at the Colorado State Legislature Jan. 27 is being rushed through the legislative process. House Bill 1135, which will be heard in […]