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Build family, think adventure!

Luke Hlavin is the Assistant Camp Director for Annunciation Heights.

Adventure. Faith. Fun. These three words are at the core of the Annunciation Heights mission.  And this summer, more than ever, we are excited to invite families into the fullness of these realities here at camp!

Catholic author G.K. Chesterton once said, “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”  By all accounts, the tragedy of a global pandemic is far more than a simple inconvenience. Illness and death, lost jobs and strained relationships are all stark consequences of a serious event.  And yet, is there something that Chesterton is pointing us towards, as families and as a society? Is there some way we are being asked to redeem this time, for ourselves and others?

Here at camp, we have been asking ourselves the same question in this form: How can Annunciation Heights serve the Church, and the world at large, in these difficult times?  With the unfortunate cancellation of youth camps this summer, we were truly given a blank canvas to create and serve in a new and exciting way — and we feel called to specifically serve the family!

Family ministry has been central to the mission of Annunciation Heights since the beginning. Amidst the stresses that accompany quarantine and lockdown, families are in need, now more than ever, of a time to get outside and rejuvenate. We see family programming at camp as a direct answer to this need: to unite the family in an experience of faith, fun and adventure in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.  We are excited to invite families to encounter the gift of the great outdoors in a new and restorative way! And we believe, by God’s grace, we can offer just that in a robust menu of programs for families at camp.

There are three distinct ways that your family can “breakout and escape” to camp this summer!

Family Camps – We will be hosting three Family Camps this summer.  These camps are four-day sessions  with engaging programming, talks, and activities by age group — all presented by dynamic, Catholic, family hosts.

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Family Recharge Weekends – Shorter in length than family camps, these Recharge Weekends will provide an opportunity to get away and get back to basics with your family!  You will be able to experience the fun of camp while also receiving helpful times of prayer and formation, all in a few short days!

Build Your Own Adventure – We are so excited to offer, for the first time ever, the ability for families to create your own experience here at camp.  With dates available throughout July, families can book housing and activities on an “a la carte” basis, depending on the length of time they have and the adventures that fit their individual families.  Activities will all be hosted by our personable staff and missionaries, with Mass and adoration as fixtures throughout each day.

Through all of this, we hold your health and safety as our highest priority. By catering to the family, we can manage any social distancing and group gathering size requirements that are set by state and county authorities, while also offering a dynamic and playful experience in the outdoors!

And so the good news is this — summer is not canceled! We invite you, in this unique summer, to come and re-root your family in Christ and in adventure. See you at camp soon!

To learn more and register, visit annunciationheights.org. Space is limited!


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