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Marriage is an ‘art’

Couples facing challenges to their marriage have an opportunity to realize the beauty and learn the everyday art to living out their vocation through a new DVD series, Archbishop Samuel Aquila said.

During a one-hour teleconference April 8 discussing the state of marriage, the archbishop joined other panelists in encouraging couples to watch the Augustine Institute’s newly released 12-episode series exploring matrimony called “Beloved—Finding Happiness in Marriage.

“I believe ‘Beloved’ will really help them,” the archbishop said about the DVD. “It engages both the head and the heart, and it really helps them to grow in … authentic love and really living that love out as Christ calls us.”

Living out the call to marriage is an art and requires ongoing education, said Professor Edward Sri of the Augustine Institute, who also directed the making of the DVD. It’s much like playing a musical instrument, he explained.

“Marriage is more like an art and we need ongoing formation to help us live the art of marriage well,” Sri said.

Couples, experts and clergy appear on the series to give insights on the theology behind marriage and tips on day-to-day living. Successful marriages are as crucial as ever and it’s important for couples to understand God’s plan for it, the archbishop said.

“It’s very important to help couples understand God’s plan for marriage and the tremendous graces they receive,” Archbishop Aquila said during the panel discussion. “I believe ‘Beloved’ will really help them see the truth, goodness and beauty of marriage.”

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The Augustine Institute said the DVD is in response to Pope Francis’ call to focus on the family. The pope called for an extraordinary synod last year and the ordinary synod on the family in September this year. Pope Francis’ move shows his understanding that the family is the basis for every society, the archbishop said.

Beyond helping married couples, creators of the DVD hope to inspire cohabitating couples to consider marriage.

“Marriage is in crisis,” Augustine Institute president Tim Gray said. “It’s not just simply about those who are divorced. It’s about those who aren’t getting married.”

The DVD and workbook is also designed for couples in their 20s or 30s to not only “inform them but inspire them to something bigger than themselves.”

“Beloved” is sold for $149.95 at the Institute or online at Lighthouse CatholicMedia.org.



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