Roxanne King

Roxanne King


Pillar Project: united in morality, not faith

If you’d like to support legislators who defend traditional marriage, parental rights, religious liberty and the humanity of the unborn, there’s an upcoming event you may want to attend. The […]

Archdiocese to hold first Day of Remembrance for babies lost to abortion

Unnamed and largely unknown, more than 3,300 babies are lost to abortion every day in the United States, according to the Guttmacher Institute. To honor these innocents, recognize their human […]

Priest to World Youth Day pilgrims: ‘The Lord is waiting for you there’

The Holy Father invited and they are going. So said Father Giuseppe Fedele, who oversees the Neocatechumenal Way in Colorado. Some 300 of the catechumenate’s members will be journeying to […]

Q&A: Are you called to be a deacon?

A geoscientist by training, Deacon Rex Pilger, 68, business manager for St. Joan of Arc Parish in Arvada, is a deacon of 28 years. A decade of experience in diaconal […]

Placing oneself under the mantle of mercy

They live their lives practicing a spiritual work of mercy: praying for others. In their secluded Littleton monastery, 10 Discalced Carmelite nuns spend their days in supplication for the Denver […]

30 years of hope

There’s the 26-year-old college graduate who moved to Denver from St. Louis at his father’s invitation. Unfortunately, his dad’s landlord told him he couldn’t stay more than two weeks. With […]

Physician-assisted suicide a continued threat

Physician-assisted suicide is an issue that’s not going away and all people of good will—not just Catholics—need to be aware of its tragic consequences. That’s the message the Colorado bishops […]

Saintly former slave to be local model of mercy for Jubilee Year

She was known as Denver’s “Angel of Charity.” Former slave Julia Greeley had endured brutality; she lost an eye as a child to a whip while she clung to her […]

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Placing Jesus in children’s hearts

Charged with helping to prepare a 7-year-old girl for her first Communion, Benedictine Sister Immaculata Bertolli’s first lesson was less than successful. “At one point she said, ‘I’m bored,’” Sister […]