Karna Lozoya

Karna Lozoya

Director of Communications

God loves us as his children

At the most basic level, to be a son or a daughter is to experience what it is to be loved without merit, which is a dimension of love that […]

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So, a FOCUS missionary stepped onto a college campus

Have you ever walked in late to a movie, after key elements of the plot have already been revealed, and you find after a few minutes that your head is […]

Faith is making a comeback in politics, pastor says

A spirit of faith is making a return to the political scene, according to Father Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna, pastor of St. Rafka Maronite Catholic Church in Lakewood. The pastor spoke […]

Dying is terrifying, which is why we need courage

Before 29-year-old Brittany Maynard took her own life Nov. 1, choosing to avoid the pain and suffering caused by an aggressive and large brain tumor, she left the world with […]

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Catholic schools are Christ-centered, not test-centered

Archdiocese of Denver schools aren’t “test-centered factories,” but rather Christ-centered communities that seek the “formation of the whole child,” concluded Superintendent Richard Thompson at the end of a week-long on-site […]

Catholic schools’ superintendent to retire

Superintendent Richard Thompson, 73, will retire in January, after 14 years serving the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic schools. In a letter sent to the principals of the Catholic schools last […]

Beauprez recounts private conversation with Archbishop Chaput

At Thursday night’s debate in Fort Collins, gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez spoke about a private conversation he had with Archbishop Charles Chaput on the death penalty. The comment came in […]

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OPINION: Google implements anti-porn policy

In July, Google announced that it would no longer accept advertisements on its site that promote “graphic depictions of sexual acts,” or that link to porn sites. A few months earlier, in March, Google also implemented a […]

Deacons called by God to serve

The “unique vocation” of the deacon is his “treasure,” Archbishop Samuel Aquila told a group of six Spanish-speaking deacon candidates moments before their ordination Aug. 23 at the Cathedral Basilica […]

Ready for the Denver Catholic Schools Ice Bucket Challenge?

Denver Catholic schools will begin a new academic year Monday, and ice cubes will be involved. On Friday, Superintendent Richard Thompson launched the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools Ice Bucket […]

Prayers answered

Colorado’s three Catholic bishops are unanimously praising the “historic religious liberty decision” of the U.S. Supreme Court that allows for-profit businesses to exercise their religious beliefs and not comply with […]

‘You were not chosen for small things’

The path to discerning one’s vocation is not the comfortable path, and can sometimes mean going against the tide, said Pope Francis. In his letter for the World Day of […]