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STEM Program Arrives at St. Francis de Sales

On Jan. 12, students of St. Francis de Sales quietly gathered in the school’s gymnasium. They weren’t preparing themselves for an awards ceremony or a guest speaker. Rather, curiosity and […]

David Card and his goals for Regis Jesuit High School

For David Card, sending his children to a Catholic school was an easy decision. “I think there’s something fundamental and holistic about bringing your faith and your spirituality into your […]

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Seminarians give spiritual aid to pro-life warriors

Witnessing to our faith can be an intimidating task in any realm of the public eye. Those who choose to show this witness in praying for the defense of life […]

Four men make temporary vows with Capuchins

Four men took temporary vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience at St. Jude’s Parish in Lakewood July 23. These vows are for three years and will allow Brothers Jude Quinto, […]

Holy Ghost, renewed by the Spirit

In downtown Denver, it’s ordinary to see buses, light rail trains, and plenty of foot traffic. Everything is in movement, because movement is ordinary for city life. Progress is abundantly […]