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Deacon Steve Stemper

Deacon Steve Stemper is president and CEO of The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado. He has more than 30 years of corporate financial experience and is assigned a deacon at St. Thomas More Parish in Centennial. He and his wife, Cathy, have three daughters and one son. To learn more, visit http://TheCatholicFoundation.com.

The Good News of Christmas: Salvation!

As a deacon at St. Thomas More parish, I am occasionally privileged to deliver homilies to our students at school Masses. A lover of...

Should the Church talk about money? If we follow Christ’s teaching, yes.

In Luke Chapter 3, three different groups asked John the Baptist what they should do to bear the fruit of repentance. John gives three...

Excelling in the grace of giving

When my friends Paul and Colleen Lum Lung retired, they shared with me their decision to welcome a “fifth child” into their family just...

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