Carol Nesbitt


Study shows Catholic students double the rate of reading growth in 50 days

Any teacher will tell you that reading when young increases students’ academic success as they advance in school. But in the Archdiocese of Denver’s Catholic schools, literature does so much more in the […]

Sacred Heart of Jesus student wins state science fair

With a deep passion for science, a solid work ethic and a dream, Sacred Heart of Jesus eighth grader Chloe Sebek put everything she had into this year’s state science fair project, “The Effect of Essential […]

St. Isidore Online Curriculum expands, will be offered again for 2021-2022 school year

The Archdiocese of Denver’s online Catholic curriculum, St. Isidore, has been a true blessing to many families with children in grades K-8 who wanted a strong Catholic curriculum this past year but didn’t feel […]

Making the switch: Families find blessings in shifting from public to Catholic schools

The Lord, indeed, works in mysterious and wonderful ways – and this year, several families, having moved their children from public to Catholic schools, are seeing many unexpected blessings that have come from making […]

‘We’re OPEN!’ Denver’s Catholic schools mark a successful, ‘herculean’ semester of in-person learning

By Carol Nesbitt and Abriana Chilelli  While most school districts in Colorado were closed to in-person learning this fall, the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Denver were 100 percent open. Not […]

For the Harveys and Blessed Sacrament school, it’s all in the family

Ask anyone at Blessed Sacrament Parish or school who the Harveys are, and they’ll know. Jim Harvey’s parents joined the parish in 1950 and were very involved there. He and his siblings all attended Blessed Sacrament […]

Local Catholic school students get unique window into Supreme Court hearings

It’s not often that students have the opportunity to talk to someone making history on a national scale, but 8th grade students at Notre Dame Catholic School recently got to visit via Zoom with a […]

Denver Catholic Schools welcome five new principals 

The Office of Catholic School recently welcomed five new principals who bring a wealth of educational experience and are excited to lead their respective schools and foster the rich tradition of […]

A joyful start to the school year

The start of the 2020-2021 school year for our Catholic schools has proven to be, like the rest of 2020, highly unusual. Much of the start of the school year […]

Catholic schools emergency relief fund: A ‘game changer’

Learning in a classroom has its challenges; learning from home, however, is a challenge all its own. Third grader Emmanuel attends St. Stephen Catholic School in Glenwood Springs. Since the […]