Bishop Jorge Rodriguez


Bishop Jorge Rodriguez serves as auxiliary bishop of Denver.

St. Joseph through Mary’s eyes

There are two people who could best provide a description of St. Joseph: Jesus, who always called him “dad” and experienced human fatherhood in his arms, and Mary, who called […]


Like a weaned child with its mother…

It happened on a 12.5-hour flight from Munich to Denver. I was sitting in the second row and in front of me, in the front row, in full view, was […]


Why do we call priests “father”?

This month we celebrate Father’s Day, and just as we prepared to express our love and gratitude to our mother in May, this month we have the opportunity to acknowledge […]


The priest I need

This is the time of year official appointments of pastors and parochial vicars are announced in the Archdiocese of Denver. Expectations are high. Each person has their own ideal of […]


To the youth: Christ needs you!

On April 22, the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Vocations is celebrated in the Church: prayer for the ordained ministries (priesthood and diaconate), the consecrated life in all its […]


‘What color is God’s skin…’

Thus says the chorus of the popular Spanish-language song by Ivonne and Ivette, “El Color de la Piel de Dios” (“The Color of God’s Skin”), which many Spanish speakers may […]


That which you most desire

In our Catholic tradition, we esteem the saints of heaven and ask them to help us with their prayers. But along with the assistance brought us by their intercession, these […]


A note on Our Lady of Visitation

When one arrives in Colorado, one soon encounters a large immigrant community originating from Latin America. But there is also another Latino community here, but it’s one that speaks primarily […]