Aaron Lambert

Aaron Lambert

Director of Publications

Aaron is the Director of Publications for the Archdiocese of Denver.

In a nearly empty cathedral, five men answer the call to priesthood 

It was an ordination Mass unlike any the Archdiocese of Denver has ever seen.  Empty pews could be seen throughout the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, with a few […]

Now’s your last chance to help end late-term abortion in Colorado

Starting May 15, Coloradoans have one last chance to get Initiative 120 on the November ballot and help end late-term abortion in Colorado. The “cure period” to gather the remaining […]


Join Archbishop Aquila on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima for Mass

May 13 marks the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila will celebrate a special Mass for the faithful to tune into. The Mass will be […]

Providing care in isolation

How can doctors help a patient feel cared for when they’re not even allowed near the patient? Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are facing immense challenges in caring for […]

Signs of hope for the suffering

One night, Father Emanuele Fadini, FSCB, was called to anoint a COVID-19 patient on the verge of death. It was the first time Father Fadini had witnessed the symptoms of […]

Chancery support empowers parishes to focus on ministry and evangelization

Though she is made up of one body in Christ, the operation of the Church within the Archdiocese of Denver has a lot of moving parts. It’s for this reason […]

First $1 million raised from this year’s Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal will go to parishes

It’s a question you probably ask yourself every year: How far does the money you give to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal really go? The answer is simple: Really far, and, […]

Things for Catholics to do virtually

If you’re looking for some Holy Week-themed activities to be part of over the next couple of days, are an appreciator of art or just want to pray, here are […]

TOGETHER We Will Rise | Get your copy of our special Easter magazine

If you have a print subscription to the Denver Catholic, then you’re in for an (Easter) treat. This week, a special magazine edition of the Denver Catholic will be arriving in your […]

Despite no Masses, you won’t believe what parishes are doing

Nothing like creativity and some humor to make a tough situation a little easier to endure. “It took generations, but they have succeeded where the rest of us have failed. […]

Get your Friday fish and chips fix during quarantine

We could all use a little Lenten pick-me-up in these uncertain times. So why not treat yourself to some delicious fish and chips on Fridays during Lent? The outbreak of […]


In this global pandemic, be charitable and stay home

There can no longer be any doubt about it — with COVID-19, we are living through a historic pandemic, one that requires swift action and societal cooperation. To think otherwise […]