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Archdiocese of Denver publications honored with 16 Catholic Media Awards

Last year was a big year for the Denver Catholic and El Pueblo Católico. The challenges of shifting our team to a remote work environment while covering the many happenings within the Archdiocese of Denver and transitioning from a newspaper format to a magazine seemed insurmountable at times, but by God’s grace (and with a lot of coffee), we did it. At the same time, Catholic media all over the country faced challenges of their own, and we have been inspired by how other Catholic publications have shared the Gospel and told the amazing stories of the many faithful who make up the greater universal Church.

How humbled we are, then, to be recognized on a national level by the Catholic Media Association with 16 Catholic Media Awards. Between the Denver Catholic and El Pueblo Católico, the recognitions included seven first place awards, five second place awards, three third place awards and an honorable mention. Beyond awards for our publications, some of the Archdiocese of Denver’s wider communications efforts were also recognized.

“A big congratulations to the team for their efforts and these achievements!“ said Kevin Greaney, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for the Archdiocese of Denver. “Transitioning from a newspaper format to magazine format, shifting the style and tone of our content and design, and losing the ability to work in-person during COVID presented challenges none of us could’ve predicted.  However, with the Lord’s help we were able to persevere and are grateful for the opportunity to continue spreading the Good News! I’m exceptionally proud of the team, and appreciate YOU — all our readers who give us a reason to keep writing. Thank you!”

See below for a list of all the awards won and links to the winning stories.

Denver Catholic

First place
Best Seasonal Issue or Section: Easter 2020 Together We Will Rise – Marketing and Communications Team

First place
Best Reporting on Vocations: A perpetual profession behind closed doors – Vladimir Mauricio-Perez

First place
Best Social Media Campaign: Pass the Basket – Marketing and Communications Team

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Second place
Best Layout or Article Column – Diocesan Magazine: Fall on your knees: Where words fail, “O Holy Night” prevails – Simona Fava

Second place
Best Coverage – Religious Liberty Issues: Religious Freedom is More Than You Realize – Joshua Karabinos, Michel Therrien, STL, STD 

Third place
Communications Director of the Year: Joshua Karabinos

Third place
Best Interview: Signs of hope for the suffering – Aaron Lambert

Honorable Mention
Best Regular Column – Racial Inequities: Jesus desires to heal the wounds of racism – Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

El Pueblo Católico

First place
Best Cover; Newspaper: El asombro de la Navidad; Dec 2020/Jan 2021 Christmas issue – Filippo Piccone, Vladimir Mauricio-Perez

First place
Best Interview: “Yo decía: ‘Nos van a matar’” – Vladimir Mauricio-Perez

First place
Best Writing In Depth: Tradiciones de Adviento (Corona de Adviento, Árbol de Navidad, Nacimiento, Posadas); Dec 2020/Jan 2021 – Rocio Madera

First place
Best Essay Reflecting on Faith Formation: La Virgen: Elemento central de la historia de la salvación (Enseñanzas, “Nueva Eva,” “Arca de la Alianza,” “Reina del Cielo y de la tierra,”) ; April/May 2020 – Rocio Madera and Vladimir Mauricio-Perez

Second place
Best Reporting on Family: Familia: Alcanza la felicidad, alcanza a Cristo; Feb/Mar 2020 – Vladimir Mauricio-Perez and Rocio Madera

Second Place
Best layout of an article: Consideraciones para el votante católico (p. 20-21) – Filippo Piccone

Second place
Best In-Depth Analysis: Navegando la liturgia eucarística (“En memoria mía,” Ritos iniciales, Liturgia de la Palabra, Consagración, Padre Nuestro, Comunión, Conclusión); Aug/Sep 2020 – Vladimir Mauricio-Perez and Rocio Madera

Third place
Best Feature Writing: Una verdadera celebración navideña; Dec 2020/Jan 2021 – Vladimir Mauricio-Perez


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