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Archbishop’s remarks on theology of the body

Catholic News Agency contributed to this report.

Archbishop Samuel Aquila addressed a group of 100 people at the annual Family Celebration Dinner for natural family planning practitioners Feb. 8 at Centro San Juan Diego, the Hispanic institute for family and pastoral care of the Archdiocese of Denver.

The archbishop received a standing ovation for his remarks on NFP and theology of the body, the corpus of 129 general audience addresses delivered by St. John Paul II from 1979 to 1984, regarding the human person and human sexuality.

>>Listen to his presentation here <<

“The truth is, the Church has many positive things to say about the gift of our sexuality,” Archbishop Aquila said.

The heart of these teachings is the sacramental view of reality on human sexuality, he continued, meaning that human bodies have a language that reveals something about the mystery of God’s inner life.

Archbishop Aquila said he believes the importance of theology of the body and the positive impact of natural family planning are foundational pillars to understand how Christ redeemed human sexuality after the fall of Adam and Eve.

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“If you desire to experience and impart the joy and beauty of natural family planning, then you must understand the theology of the body,” he said.

During the dinner, Jane and Greg Benz (pictured below), NFP instructors at Our Lady of Loreto Parish in Foxfield, were recognized with the Pope Paul VI Award for their contribution in the area of NFP, having taught more than 400 couples in the last 12 years.




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