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Archbishop Aquila ‘grateful’ for CDF reaffirmation of Church teaching on marriage

On March 15, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a clarification approved by Pope Francis in which they reaffirmed the Church’s longstanding teaching that same-sex unions cannot be blessed. Today, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila expressed his support for the Holy Father’s declaration in a statement issued to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Denver.

Read the full statement from Archbishop Aquila below:  

“Recently the Holy Father issued a clarification through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) that the Church cannot bless same-sex unions. I am grateful for this statement as it reaffirms the Church’s longstanding pastoral support for persons with same-sex attraction but in a way that does not condone a lifestyle that objectively separates them from God’s plan for the human person. Recognizing the complementarity of male and female for each other, the Church has taught for centuries that marriage, the covenant between a man and a woman, has three goods. These goods are: 1) the unbreakable bond to one’s spouse that ends only in death; 2) exclusive fidelity to one’s spouse for life; and 3) the blessing of children that comes from the marital embrace in which man and woman become one in the sign of their children. Furthermore, the Church affirms the virtue of chastity for all people, in accordance with their state in life.  

As the Holy Father has said repeatedly, the Church must always receive every person with love and compassion, including those with same-sex attraction. The Church, however, must receive every person with the truthful love that leads them to reconciliation with our merciful Father. To bless a same-sex union is contrary to the love that challenges us to separate ourselves from sin. Faithful to her Master, the Church blesses sinners, but does not and cannot bless sin. While this truth might be difficult for some well-intentioned people to accept, we would do well to listen to Pope Francis who has affirmed the truth of the teaching given by God.  I encourage you to read the full explanation from the CDF and to take some time to prayerfully seek to understand why Christ has called us to uphold and defend the truth of marriage, which goes back to the beginning of creation. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit continues to pour out his grace on the Church, keeping her in the truth during these challenging times.” 


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