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Appeal helps deacons share Christ’s healing

Our secular culture pours billions of dollars into well-meaning programs that address worldly concerns, but never answer the longing of the human heart. 

The Archdiocese of Denver raises money to offer what those other organizations don’t – a relief from human suffering and a relationship with Christ that heals the mind, body and spirit.

Donations to the annual Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal go to support more than 40 archdiocese ministries such as the Denver Diaconate Community – a group of dedicated men who serve parishes and people in need of a deeper connection with Christ. 

“We as Catholic clergy have a duty to serve as conduits of the love and grace of Jesus Christ as a we conduct our ministries,” said Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila in an open letter to his deacons.

There are nearly 75 apostolates and ministries led by deacons who work on the front lines of service to their fellow neighbors: recovering from addiction, suffering from grief, battling depression, and facing illness.

One example is RecoveryWorks, a respite center for people who are homeless and getting better from surgery, but also a day center with group meetings for people living sober. 

Another example is St. Raphael Counseling which helps people find emotional healing and a closer relationship with God through the work of licensed therapists and clinical care. 

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Deacons lead ministries that visit and give spiritual care for patients in hospitals around the Denver area and walk with people in their grief at the loss of a child.

“Unlike other outside organizations, these charitable ministries are inspired by the Holy Spirit… That’s the difference between secular solutions and Church solutions,” Aquila said.


To donate to the annual Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal which helps fund ministries like these, please visit archden.org/GiveNow.

To read more stories about the good works of our archdiocese ministries throughout the year, visit archden.org/give/impact.

Amy Bryer Brumley
Amy Bryer Brumley
Amy is the Mission Advancement Communications Manager for the Archdiocese of Denver.

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