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A father from afar

“I can’t cure his cancer, but I can share my life with him,” said Deacon Daniel Ciucci.

Deacon Cuicci just returned from Texas, where he visited Monsignor Michael Glenn. Father Glenn has brain cancer, for which he has received surgery and is now going through radiation. Father Glenn was the rector of the seminary for Deacon Ciucci’s first three and half years of seminary. He formed strong bonds with many of the seminarians and

“His primary role in my life has been one of fatherhood. I just love him,” Deacon Ciucci said.

Glenn said that he is doing well, considering the seriousness of his illness. He attributes that to the people back home.

“It’s gone amazingly well. I’ve tolerated everything, to which I give credit to the intercessions of the people in
Colorado,” he said.

He said that while he misses the people of Colorado, he is grateful to live in a time when technology makes separation easier. For example, he was unable to travel back to Denver for priestly ordinations, but was able to see them via livestream. He actually watched the ordinations in an Adoration chapel, with his computer next to the monstrance.

“It was a beautiful way to be an intercessor in prayer in the best way I could,” he said.

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Deacon Ciucci said this was just another expression of Father Glenn’s fatherhood.
“In a really beautiful way, he’s trying to be present to us, in his fatherly way,” he said.

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