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Monthly Archives: March, 2022

Mission aborted: The conversion of ex-abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson

The pro-life movement is rife with stories of former pro-abortion advocates who had a change of heart and became pro-life champions. Perhaps the best...

You can’t get to heaven on your own — so stop trying

Well, I was typing on my phone during Mass again last Sunday. My fellow parishioners must think I’m a terrible heathen. Or at least...

Catholic community opposes radical abortion bill proposed in Colorado

Sharry had made her decision. Scared and shaking, she lay on the cold table with endless tears flowing. She heard the hum of the...

Needed: An Ecumenical Reset

In the early 1990s, I met Kirill, now Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus’, when the man christened Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev was chief ecumenical...

Pro-lifers invited to public rally opposing radical abortion bill this Saturday, March 12

Colorado is set to become the most radical abortion state in the country after state lawmakers proposed a bill permitting unlimited abortion on demand...

WATCH: Archbishop Aquila and Archdiocese of Denver leadership share status update

In case you missed it, watch the March 10 Archdiocese of Denver Status Update, which featured important updates from Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila and more.

The missional gift of the Feminine Genius

In 1639, Ursuline sisters bravely crossed the Atlantic Ocean to become the first religious women to bring the Gospel to North America. In 1793,...

It’s All in the Surrender: A Lenten pastoral note from Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Several years ago, I was making a 30-day Ignatian silent retreat when a few days into the retreat I got a hankering for ice...

Colorado Catholic Conference: We need YOU to testify AGAINST HB 1279

HB22-1279 Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) could make Colorado the most radical abortion state in the country. It was introduced in the Colorado House...

Think like an apostle: Week 4 of the Apostolic Mindset Lenten Challenge

Like the apostles before us, the Church is called to be bold in this apostolic age. To do this, we must start thinking like the apostles did and heeding our own call as Christ’s apostles who are living today.
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