The goal of Salvation: A new life in the Resurrection

“Are you saved?” This is something you might hear after the doorbell rings. “What does that even mean?” you might wonder, as you think of what to say in response. […]

St. Dismas: A penitent thief and the paradise of belief

“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” There is power in words, and especially so in the words of Christ. While hanging on the […]

The Crucified Christ: An emblem of victory

The crucified Christ is both the most popular and powerful image in the Catholic Church. It sits upon every altar where the Mass is celebrated and hangs in a prominent […]

Inside God’s covert rescue operation

In the last edition of the Denver Catholic magazine, I began a three-part series on our story as Catholic Christians, the story of our identity and what we are called […]