Saints, holy figures come back to life at first ‘Night in the Cemetery’

The week before Halloween, the dead rose from the graves at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. It was much less frightening than a scene from Night of the Living Dead, though. Among […]

What to watch on Netflix: November

Here are films and shows coming to Netflix in November, as well as a few things you might want to check out before they leave. Be sure to check IMDB’s […]

Saints with rough pasts: Never too far gone

No one is ever too far gone for a change of heart — and there are several saints to prove it. From the murderers, the promiscuous, the thieves, the atheists […]

Catholic Charities opens first permanent supportive housing in Weld County

Thanks to Catholic Charities’ newly opened Guadalupe Apartments, this winter will be the first in seven that Christopher Llamas won’t be homeless. “January 1 would have been the first day […]


PHOTO GALLERY: Archbishop closes Holy Door at Our Lady of Fatima

On Sunday, Oct. 29, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila celebrated a special Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Lakewood, bringing the pilgrimage year opened Oct. 23, 2016, to a […]

Mary Hasson: We need more faithful women influencing culture

When Saint John Paul II wrote in 1988 that women are called to shape “the moral dimension of culture,” creating “a culture worthy of the person,” one woman in particular […]

Catholic medical students fearlessly take pro-life issues head on

With abortion and contraception deemed as necessary practices in the medical field, and now with the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Colorado, the healthcare field is not friendly to the […]

Which Catholic school is right for your child?

All this talk about school choice begs the question: What kinds of options are available to Catholic school students in Denver? Quite a few, it turns out. While the Office […]

Long-desired, needed priest retirement center under construction

There’s a joke about religious work that goes, “The pay is poor but the benefits are out of this world!” That may be true, but it’s little relief for the […]


Which Reformation? What Reform?

Despite the formulation you’ll hear before and after the October 31 quincentenary of Luther’s 95 theses, there was no single “Reformation” to which the Catholic “Counter-Reformation” was the similarly univocal […]


Decoding social media and teen suicide

Just a few weeks ago I learned with great sadness that a middle school and high school student in Littleton took their lives within two days of each other, and […]


Debunking Reformation myths

In my last review, I looked at a number of new books on Martin Luther and genuine reformers in the Catholic tradition. In light of the 500th anniversary of the […]