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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

What’s gnawing at us?

A number of today’s most-watched TV series: “True Blood,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Walking Dead” demonstrate society's fascination with the undead. It's a...

Misreading Murray, yet again

From his present location in the communion of saints, Father John Courtney Murray, S.J., who died in 1967, is probably indifferent to the various ways his work on Catholicism and American democracy is misconstrued in the 21st century. But those who think that Murray still has something to teach Catholics about the American experiment in ordered liberty must regret that Murray’s thinking continues to be misrepresented in some Catholic quarters and misapplied in others.

Immigration principles offer chance to examine our hearts

I invite you to read these seven principles and reflect on your reaction to them. Ask yourself: “What does my reaction tell me about what is in my heart? Is my response to immigrants a Catholic one? How does my reaction correspond to the Church’s teaching?”

Boulder Catholic school opens doors to displaced students

Twenty-nine Boulder County children attending public elementary schools and displaced by the historic floods were recently welcomed tuition-free at Sacred Heart of Jesus School...

Death penalty debate fractures society

The murder of his 23-year-old son sent Bob Autobee’s soul into an abyss of darkness. For years he faced depression and denial after corrections officer...
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