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Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Books for Christmas

If memory serves, this past year saw electronic books top printed books in the sales figures at Amazon.com. Be that as it may, books—real...

Downsizing-to-grow in Ireland

Catholicism is in crisis all over Old Europe. Nowhere is that crisis more pronounced than in Ireland, where clerical corruption and disastrous episcopal leadership...

Remembering Bill Doherty

In December 1980, I spent several hours talking with Mike Hammer, a field representative in El Salvador of the American Institute for Free Labor...

Must the Roman Curia be Italian?

Although he’s not very well known in the U.S., save among members of the Sant’Egidio community (of which he’s the founding father), Andrea Riccardi...

Breaking bad liturgical habits

The long-awaited introduction of the new translation of the Roman Missal on Nov. 27, the first Sunday of Advent, offers the Church in the...
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